The Achievement number serves as a special kind of guiding light in your Numerology.

It’s a number that holds your potential.

Yet because its vibration is hidden (unlike the core numbers of Life Path, Destiny and Soul Urge) it indicates personal challenges, unlike any other number. In fact, you are very likely operating in the shadow of your achievement number, without even realizing it.

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With the harmony-seeking number 2 vibration here in your numerology chart, your basic instinct is to get things done through teamwork, cooperation, and partnership, rather than working alone.

Yet the fulfillment of the highest expression of this number will come when you learn the difference between cooperation and submission. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in situations where people try to dominate you, so you always need to stand up for yourself.

Cultivating the qualities of independent thinking and self-confidence will truly serve you on this path.

This numerology gives you exceptional empathic and intuitive abilities, which you’ve likely had since birth. This may manifest as shyness at times, as you tend to feel into what the truths other people hold bt do not always convey verbally.

Yet this number gives you great people skills! Cultivating these, alongside strengthening your self-esteem, will help you move toward prosperity and abundance.

One important life lesson for someone with this numerology is learning to balance your sense of duty with your personal needs. Feeling obligated to people for sentimental reasons and defining your identity by the opinions of others will keep you from truly becoming your own person.

Trusting the value of your own experiences, plus the power of your intuition will help you shape your future as YOU desire it to be, and ultimately expand your consciousness.

You likely have healing abilities. Yet, it’s also likely you have learned, over time, to suppress these gifts. Yet it’s in your potential to channel and master this healing energy, and use it as a force for good.

Your perceptual sensitivity is the source of your talent for diplomacy and negotiation. They are also the keys to your success, and they will continue to manifest easily if you learn to stick with your personal agenda and trust your intuition.

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More on the Achievement Number

The Achievement Number is also used to calculate Personal Year Numbers.

These numbers change every year. So keeping track of them is vital if you’re going to be able to use the prevailing energy of each Universal Year to your highest advantage. Interested in finding out more about the Personal Year Numbers? HEAD HERE!

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