The Achievement number is a guiding light in your Numerology Chart.

It’s a number that directs you to your potential…. yet how much do YOU know about it?

Because the vibration of the Achievement Number is hidden within other numbers (unlike the core numbers of Life PathDestiny and Soul Urge) it indicates personal challenges. In fact, you may even be operating in the shadow of your achievement number, without even realizing it.

If you’re new to this part of your numerology chart, HEAD HERE to learn more about the Achievement number and how to calculate it. Otherwise, read on for your reading of Achievement Number 14…

Couple Running Free at a Festival - Sagittarius LovePinAchievement Number 14 Reading

Achievement Number, 14, is called a “Karmic Number”.

This means that it has special properties that mean so much more than its sum (which is 5), and its simple component digits 1 and 4.


Achievement numbers tend to manifest first and foremost in their ‘negative’ expressions. (Though it’s important to realize that there’s no such thing as negative – everything in Numerology is here to teach us). So here with the number 5, there is some sense or resisting commitments, and abandoning plans and order when the going gets tough.

Achievement Number 14 tends to struggle with restriction. Perhaps you have a tendency to overreact to situations or conditions, especially when you face limitations or delays? Or do you struggle to form close bonds with other people? OR do you get very clingy and possessive in relationships? Both of these patterns in relationships are fairly typical for the Karmic number 14.  Individuals with this Numerology can tend to fear becoming vulnerable and therefore hurt, if their friends and partners up and leave.

It’s important to realize with this Achievement Number, that the very things you are scared of (or frustrated by) hold your greatest potential! You have a natural ability to adapt to change, so you don’t need to force it. Nor do you need to try and force things to stay the same.

The highest expression of Achievement Number 14 is surrender.

It’s vital that you don’t let others talk you into resisting change, because if you do, you’ll start undermining this gift. Your Numerology will keep trying to make you grip onto what’s certain in your life, and hold you back from being the adaptable person you truly are. So you must try to see this sabotaging behavior for what it is!

The paradox (and the great lessons) of this Numerology, are that the changes you encounter on your path through life, will always contain opportunities. And you DO have a talent for finding and capitalizing on them! Don’t try to keep things as they are, or you’ll miss those opportunities.

Remember the old saying about how a strong sudden wind can uproot a mighty oak tree, but bamboo bends and snaps back without being harmed? You’re the bamboo, baby

Curiosity is your guide in life.

You will be presented with various options and experiences in your life, many designed to lead you to fun, success, and achievement. So make wise choices. Always choose the route forward that supports your best interests in the long term.

It may feel tempting to stick with what you know. But what will help you grow? What will help you develop as a person?

Learn where your edge is, and walk up to it. Push it.  Take calculated risks. This numerology is designed to cultivate adaptability and has an excellent work ethic, but don’t think you can manage luck. You need to let go, take a chance, and invite it into your life freely!

In order to gain the full rewards of Achievement Number 14, you need to avoid stubbornness and practice impulse control.

Understand the difference between sticking with the discomfort of what’s unfamiliar, and sticking with what you know. Because walking this line is your key to a fulfilling life! Conversely, your desire to fulfill your immediate needs (and play it safe) could cost you dearly. This is your worst enemy when it comes to prosperity and wealth success.

Try to think of your expenses as investments. Try to re-frame building wealth for the future into an immediate need, and without a doubt, you’ll succeed.

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More on the Achievement Number…

The Achievement Number is also used to calculate Personal Year Numbers.

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