So you’ve got hold of your personal Numerology chart and figured out your Life Path Number?

(or maybe you haven’t, in which case you can calculate it below… )

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The Life Path numberPin is probably the most important of the personal numbers in Numerology.

This teeny single digit (or double digit if your birth date reduces to one of the Master Numbers) contains information on your life purpose. It describes the direction your life will take, the challenges you’ll encounter, and the opportunities you’ll meet. It can also reveal many of the innate traits and talents that you were born with. 

Because of the emphasis so many people place on it (Numerologists, we’re looking at you!) this number can sometimes feel a little heavy.

So it’s really important to remember that this Number is YOURS. It’s special, magical and significant in a way that you can really leverage to your advantage. And not only in ways which are highly analytical and involve you diving to the depths of your soul to figure out how your life needs to look. Your Life Path Number can be used to magically enhance your day-to-day experience, ritualizing the mundane and connecting you to the divine in ways that are deliciously unexpected!

Here are 8 ways to enhance the unlock the magical powers of your Life Path today…!

1. Scheduling

Schedule things into your calendar on dates that align with your Life Path Number.

So if you’re a Life Path 3, then the 3rd of March will be an especially potent day to do something special. The 21st of any month would also be ideal (2 + 1 = 3) or add up all of the dates to find one that corresponds, like 19th August 2019 (1 + 9 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 30, and 3 + 0 = 3).

Wondering why you should go to all this trouble? Well Your Life Path Number is your number. It’s what many people refer to as a “lucky number” so when you consciously use it in your life, you’re opening that door for Lady Luck to walk right in!

2. Tickets, Seats and Bookings

Choose tickets, cinema or theatre seats, train or bus seats with the same number as your Life Path. This is your number. Good things happen when you consciously invite it into your life. Maybe you’ll get an especially great view! Maybe you’ll end up sitting next to an old friend!

Pin3. Open Your Perception

Notice when your Life Path Number finds you. See the number 7 on a license plate in front of you? Then a triple 7 shows up on a billboard you’re driving past? If yours is a Life Path 7 then take this as a sign you’re being looked after, and your life is probably more magical than you realize!

4. Floral Fancy

Display flowers in a vase according to your Life Path Number. If you’re a Life Path 1, set out single stems of roses. If you’re a Life Path 6, bunch together 6 roses, 6 snapdragons and alstroemerias in a vase. Mirroring your Life Path Number in such an unapologetically beautiful and intentional way will invite even more beauty and magic into your life.

5. Kitchen Magic

Consciously cook using your Numerology.

Life Path 8? Chop your potatoes into 8 segments. Life Path 1? Cook a one-pot meal. Life Path 4, stir your sauce four times…

Maybe this sounds a bit simplistic, but it’s about bringing conscious intent into simple everyday actions. This turns something quite ordinary into ritual, and ritual has the power to truly transform, whilst using your numerology personalizes it.


6. Candle Magic

Light a number of candles in your spell work that aligns with your Numerology. Or if you’re not into candle magic (looking to find out? Head here), then line them up along your dinner table, with a conscious intention to honor the power of the number that is yours, and that you hold within.

7. Affirmations

Repeat Affirmations using your Life Path Number. Yes, that means just once if you’re a Life Path 1 and twice if you’re a Life Path 2. But you can make sure your incantation is no less powerful than it is for the Life Path 9, who’s repeating it 9 times! It’s the intention that turns your affirmation into magic words, and the number of times you say them will ensure they align with your own resonance, amplifying potency.

8. Sacred Geometry

Find, print or draw out the geometric shapes which correspond to your Life Path Number and look at them.

Seems simple enough, but shape and pattern have a sacred significance which is totally different from the power that words on a page do. It’s not something you can understand with your thinking mind, which makes sacred geometry so activating. It bypasses the brain, and speaks directly to the spirit.

If you’ve practiced any of Patricia Missakian’s Akashic clearings then you’ll have experienced this first hand (If you haven’t, be sure to check them out here!)

Geometric associations for the numbers are:

  • 1 Circle
  • 2 Line (polarised force)
  • 3 Triangle
  • 4 Square
  • 5 Pentagon
  • 6 Hexagon
  • 7 Heptagon
  • 8 Octagon
  • 9 Ennaegon
  • 11 see 2
  • 22 see 4
  • 33 see 6

Now it’s your turn.

Do you have any tips, tricks and magical methods for using Numerology to turn the everyday into something magnificent? Share them in the comments below!