Let us ask you a question: did you set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? And if so, did you write yourself a plan for achieving them?

After just passing the half way point of 2020, you may be right on track, or perhaps a little bit delayed; you may not have even started working on harnessing the power of the Cosmos within you yet! Whichever state of your goals you’re at now, it’s never too late to start anew, manifest your destiny, and receive the gifts of the Universe. 

On World Planner Day (August 1), you can reignite your hopes and dreams and put them into action once and for all with the help of a roadmap that will help you navigate through a year like no otherthe planner.

Celebrated every 1st day of August, World Planner Day honors the unassuming companion that leads each one of us to the path of our best lives. It calls for a reflection on just how much planning and organizing can bring a positive impact on everyone who uses them to better themselves daily. 


Whether your goals are romantic, material, or spiritual, a planner can help you reach them with less difficulty and fewer delays.

Most people flip through the blank pages of a planner at the beginning of a new year, thinking of a fresh new start and new possibilities of things to come. But if you missed out on getting a planner at the start of 2020, beginning a planner now that you’ve passed the halfway mark of the year can still benefit you.

More than being a system to help you keep track of important dates and appointments, build or maintain routines, here are some reasons why a planner can also help boost your intention setting for manifesting your destiny.

1. It gives you a clearer sense of possibility by articulating what’ s most important to you.

Writing down on a planner what’s important to you gives you a clear idea of what your inspired life looks like and what you would be doing to live the life of your dreams. Through writing, you can identify what you can’t put into words but wish to manifest. So not only are you asking on a physical level but you’re also using your higher consciousness to give you the answers.

Ask yourself, “What matters most to you?”, and write it down on your planner. Your answer could form a potent intention that can empower you by determining the specific mindset you need to create positive change in your life.

You have the power to create a reality that excites you on every level. Through your intentions, you can land your dream job, travel to places you thought you’d never go, and live a life that at one point may have felt out of reach.

The possibilities are endless.

But it’s not the intention alone that brews this seemingly magical power. An intention gains its true power through the focus of your attention on what you may do in the present moment to bring it into physical manifestation.

In order for the Universe to deliver its gifts, you have to let the Universe know what it is you’d like to receive and be as specific as possible with that, and putting it on paper can help you do just that. 

2. You can probe deeper into aspects of your life that reveal your unique purpose.

Some days, you may feel that there’s something deeper you could be a part of. You feel the pull towards something but you can’t exactly pin it down—it eludes you and frustrates you.

“What is my purpose in life?” You wonder.

Think of uncovering your passion like the work of a master sculptor, slowly chipping away the stone to reveal the masterpiece underneath. Your life’s purpose is this masterpiece, simply lurking beneath the surface waiting to be released.

The fastest way about how to find purpose in life is through the art of introspection: diving into the deeper essences of who you are to pull out the pieces to assemble the purpose puzzle.

Determining what you were meant to do in this life can sometimes be a difficult task. But if you’re on a journey of self-discovery, it’s time you start planning.

Keeping a planner is a therapeutic way to release your thoughts and emotions so that you can be more present with yourself in your everyday life. Instead of running your day on autopilot, become more aware of what you’re going to do and what you have accomplished so you can take the time to be curious about your life and what makes you happy.

3. It allows you to align your goals with your life’s purpose.

The things that you truly desire will never come to you on any other pathways other than your highest one. That’s because your higher self sent you into this world with a purpose and everything to do with that purpose is what truly makes you happy.

The feeling of happiness, fulfillment and true desire is what you experience when you think or act in alignment with your higher self. These feelings were programmed into your soul before it emerged into physical life. They are your guidance of what you’re here for. But you tend to get on and off our path from time to time.

The reason why you experience disappointment and unhappiness is that you’re on another path instead of your true one.

By recording events and thoughts along with your daily planning, you can learn how to improve both self- and social awareness, as well as better manage your behavior so you don’t struggle with task, time, and goal management and instead, align your goals with your life’s purpose.

4. You can ponder on how your days unfold

It’s always a useful spiritual exercise to take some time to review the day that went by and all its events.

Reflecting on what happened, what you accomplished, and what could’ve been done better will bring closure to days that ended and will also provide the space for valuable learning. It’s also a good idea to take some time to review the past before thinking about new days ahead.

Every new day is a new chapter in your Book of Life. When you’re ready to close the chapter of the previous day, you can move on to the next.

Always start with a clean slate, and create what you want in the succeeding days. Anything goes: it’s your future. Don’t worry if your goals seem too lofty — with deliberate planning and execution, anything is possible.


5. It’s a form of meditation

Planning is a common form of mental restlessness which can manifest as anxiety—you’re so uncertain about the future that you try to gain control by planning it.

But planning can also be a meditative practice in addition to, or in place of other forms of mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness is very important in practicing with planning: you need to be mindful of hindrances or habits so that we can work skillfully with them.

The habit of planning for your day should almost be ritualistic in nature. The repetition will breed the consistency required for having a good plan. It also gives your internal landscape a voice and a chance to document your process, to reflect upon, and release your longings and questions.


The year is far from over. 

Whether you crave to improve your quality of life, attract more prosperity, nurture your relationships, build your career, or accelerate your spiritual growth, you can still align yourself with the Universe’s unlimited frequency of abundance, anticipate life-changing encounters, and decipher mystical experiences including synchronicities that can change your life’s course.

As incredible as it may sound, you know very well that it’s not impossible. And you still have the chance to make it happen!

If you don’t have a planner yet, you’re in luck! To celebrate World Planner Day, we’re offering the 2020 Prosperity Planner for only $2 on Kindle (and if you don’t have Kindle, you can download the app onto your smartphone for free)

The 2020 Prosperity Planner, comes with a personalized report that showcases the power of your Personal Year in 2020 to effortlessly navigate your way through the remainder of the year. 

With thoughtful and mindful planning, you can overcome your core challenges on both material and spiritual fronts, and determine the correct countermeasures to take to manifest your destiny and become absolutely unstoppable this 2020!

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