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So you’ve found out your Life Path number!

You’ve been handed the key … It makes a lot of sense, but … what next?

What do you need to DO with this number, to align the path you are currently walking with the one you’re supposed to?

Like a lot of stages on the journey to awakening, the very first bolt of lightning is often the most exciting, but staying on the path, and continually taking steps to fuel and nurture evolution is where a lot of people lose their way. But not this time!

Here are 3 essential ways to unlock your Life Path, and use the wisdom of this power-filled number to find true purpose and alignment in your life!

BTW. If you don’t know what your Life Path is, head here to use our calculator. It’ll also give you your other two core numbers, your Expression and Soul Urge number

1. Get intimate with your Archetypes

The energies that flow through numbers can also be described through archetypes, and if you’re serious about getting to know your numbers, you’ll need to make friends with your archetypes.

Archetypes are universally recognized expressions of particular types of energy, and are woven throughout our history, mythology, culture, and our everyday lives. The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung identified 12 basic types, and he believed that these existed in the collective human subconscious, manifesting to a lesser or larger degree through each of us.

Some of the most common archetypes are the Hero, the Rebel, the Mother and the Lover, for example, but there are literally hundreds more, as the main ones all contain many sub-aspects that have their own particular characteristic and traits.

The job of numerology is to bring our archetypes from the subconscious to the conscious mind. And by doing this, you can begin to see the many strengths that they have to offer you, as well as the challenges too.

Below are the main archetypes associated with each number:

The list isn’t exhaustive and may contain archetypes you don’t recognize in yourself, or miss some that you do. But we’re all different, and this is the magic of life!

  1. Warrior, leader, pioneer, King, Queen
  2. Lover, diplomat, peacemaker, intuitive, innocent
  3. Child, artist, creative, muse, inventor, dreamer, jester
  4. Architect, creative, builder, planner
  5. Magician, explorer, seeker, wanderer, pilgrim
  6. Mother, caregiver, lover
  7. Mystic, dreamer, visionary, philosopher
  8. Manifestor, King, Queen, influencer, mentor, professional
  9. Server, expert, scholar, advisor, philosopher, academic

The archetypes contained in the master numbers are connected to the numbers they reduce down to AND the number they’re a double expression of, though on a higher (spiritual) plane.

Once you have an idea of the archetypes that align with your Life Path, take some time to recognize them as they move through you in your everyday life.

  • Where are they bringing their strength?
  • Where are you challenged by their presence?
  • What opportunities can you find, for them to emerge more fully?

As you grow and change, your archetypes will too.

Play with them! Get to know them, they will become your best friends and allies.

2. Imagine the Opposite Path

It may feel counterintuitive, but stick with me on this!

Imagining the possibility of a path which seems totally unaligned with your Life Path number (either another number completely, or the shadow aspect, or opposing expression of yours) is an incredibly creative and effective way of opening up to the very real, but often hidden possibilities of your own Life Path, that you may be unintentionally resisting.

Here’s an example: say you’re a Life Path 6, which is the path of the mother, home-making, nurturing and creativity. You would need to imagine the opposite of this, so it could be a life of solitude or ongoing travel. Or perhaps it’s a life where your career takes prime position, and professionalism and worldly achievements come first.

There’s no judgment here, no Life Path is better or worse than another, this is simply an exercise of exploration…

Take some time to really visualize what this alternate path would look like.

  • What you would look like?
  • Where would you live?
  • Who would be with you?
  • What would you do for a living?
  • What would you do for fun?

Immerse yourself in this alternate world, and live there for just a short while, in your mind’s eye.
Then return.

You don’t need to do anything more, you don’t need to analyze or question what you saw, unless you wish to take some notes to record anything significant.

The reason this is SO powerful in unlocking your Life Path, is that we all have preconceived ideas of what a journey will hold, and we are always going to be limited by what these ideas allow. Inviting in opposites smashes through these limitations, and opens up gaps for anything to be possible. Which means the unexpected but OH-SO-aligned Path that is yours for the taking, can begin to emerge!

3. Make Micro-Adjustments

There are as many different versions of a Life Path as there are stars in the skies.

Your Life Path will look completely different from the path of the man next door who has the very same number as you, or the woman overseas, or the child who lives on a different continent …

So the key to unlocking your Life Path, is not to think it needs to resemble an idea or theory or reach a certain level of perfection. Your path is YOURS alone, but the twists and turns that it will inevitably take, can be steered, by you, using the wisdom contained in your Life Path number.

You can do this by making daily, micro-adjustments, in the form of the choices you make.

So if you’re on a Life Path 2 and you’re going through a tough patch at work or in a relationship, create a strong support network in place around you in case you need somewhere to fall.

If you’re on a Life Path 7, and you’re on a quest to understand WHY, factor in an extra few hours to sit down and do the intricate research before embarking on a project.

If you’re on a Life Path 8, and your caught at a crossroads, spend some time honing in on your personal moral compass to find the next best step…

Because Life Paths are make up of single steps!

And the key to unlocking yours is to take it one at a time, and make each new decision based on what feels most aligned at your personal core.

What is YOUR Life Path, and what are you doing to unlock its secrets?

Share your tips below, we’d love to hear from you!