There’s no denying it – 2020 has been one of the toughest years of many of our lives… and you’re probably sick of hearing it, right?!

But the truth is, to really move on from 2020, it’s important that you acknowledge how this year has affected you, the challenges it has thrown your way and the ways in which it has changed you at a core level.

While some people have had a much, much rougher 2020 than others, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that every single person in the world has been affected in some way.

Even if you feel like you’re one of the lucky ones, taking stock of the year that was will undoubtedly help you launch forward into 2021 with a renewed sense of hope, happiness and optimism.

And it’s that sense of optimism that you’ll need next year.

A 5 Universal Year

2021 is a 5 Universal Year (2+0+2+1=5) and that signals fun, adventure and epic change ahead. And after a year of restriction, we could all use a little adventure, right?!

To embrace your adventurous side and receive the blessings of this 5 Universal Year, you must first release the baggage you’ve accumulated this year.

With just a couple of days left until the end of the year, now’s the time to remind your soul that there is joy in the world. Because when it comes your way, you need to not only be able to recognize it, but seize it with both hands too..

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So, to help you step into 2021 saying ‘2020 who?’, we’ve put together the ultimate 2020 recovery toolkit…

It’s important to note that although we’ve all been in it together this year, our experiences will all have varied slightly. That’s why, when we put together this list, we left room for you to customize each thing to suit your personal preferences and address your own experience of 2020.

1. The Ultimate Self-Care Box To Soothe Your Tired Body

Most of us will be ending the year feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. For the most part, December means cold spells and aching bones. And with 2020 beating us all up more than usual, you wouldn’t be alone if you feel like you’re body is about to fall apart.

So, the first thing on our recovery kit list is a self-care box. When picking your box, think about what self-care looks like to you. Do you like to meditate? Take a nice long bath? Have a massage?

With so many self-care boxes available online (like, legit, check out the huge selection on Amazon here), you can choose one that suits your self-care style. While self-care comes in many different forms, for this item on your toolkit, make sure it is a self-care method that soothes your physical being… we have plenty of items for your emotional, mental and spiritual needs coming up.

This one is one of our favorites…

Buy Yours Here


2. A Super-Zen Sleep Kit To Help You Catch Up On Your Rest

Had enough sleep this year? Yeeeahh, us neither!

With anxiety levels piquing this year, so too have the restless nights (yep, it’s been proven that coronasomnia is actually a thing). And with sleep being a huge contributing factor to our overall health, if you’ve not been sleeping well this year, it’s time you do everything you can to get a good night’s sleep ASAP.

We could actually create a whole article with products that will help you get a good night’s sleep – there are SO many, including…

But we just can’t go past This Works range of sleep sprays and products (which you can get here).

3. Our Best Mini-Program To Help You Release Everything Holding You Back

Aside from your physical, mental and emotional health, it’s likely that this year has out some pressure on your spiritual health too.

So many of us began this decade with high hopes of what 2020 could be. But our optimism was quickly squashed and best-laid plans were wiped out overnight.

And all that negative energy has an impact on your heart and soul, whether you’ve realized it or not.

One of the most common ways this impact manifests is as a blockage within your very being that prevents you from reaching your goals and aligning with your truest path. The heaviness of this year has filled all the space within your soul, making it impossible for you to receive any positive energy or gifts from the Universe.

And if you walk into 2021 filled to the brim with 2020’s bad juju, you will have absolutely zero chance of accepting any of the positive changes coming your way.

So, to dump 2020’s baggage NOW and enter 2021 ready for adventure and abundance, you must have a means of release in your arsenal… and we’ve got just the thing.

Our Ritual of Release program gives you a step-by-step guide to help you shed any harmful energies and take back control of your life, just in time for new year.


4. A Means of Cleansing Your Home

Now that you’ve addressed your personal energy, it’s time to think about the space – there’s no point in putting the work into yourself if the energy all around you is still tainted with 2020’s vibes.

So, it’s time to cleanse your space.

Before we begin, we have to place a caveat on this one…

Before you reach for that sage, think twice. Recently, there has been a growing concern that the popularity of sage is directly impacting those who use it for cultural and spiritual ceremonies. While we’re no experts on this subject, we do think it’s important that people educate themselves on how overharvesting and cultural appropriation could perhaps strip the ‘good vibes’ away from using this newly-trendy (yet anciently significant) product.

There are ways you can cleanse your home without cultural appropriation though, including…

  • Using Cedar, bay, and rosemary to smudge instead of sage.
  • Practice dusting, instead of smoking. Make the same motions you would if you were smudging but simply visualize energy being released instead of smoke.
  • Use your regular household broom and sweep every corner of your home with cleansing intention.
  • Use a room cleansing spray like this one.
  • Use a tuning fork. like Marie Kondo
  • Use a purifying candle, like these ones…

5. Something Gorgeous For Your Sacred Space

Whether you have a fully decked-out altar or you don’t really have a specific space that’s ‘yours’, heading into 2021 with a space you can’t wait to spend time in is vital.

This year, the four walls of your home may have become a source of monotony and boredom – most of us have stayed home longer this year than we ever have before. And it’s paved the way for us becoming disillusioned by the space that was once our sanctuary.

Even if you were never particularly intentional about your space, it’s likely that you don’t necessarily see much joy when you look around right now.

So, before 2021, pick something out that you love and set it in a space in your home that is yours, and only yours. A space that you’ll use in 2021 and beyond for your self-care rituals, meditation, setting intention and manifesting. This space can be as small as a tiny shelf or as big as a whole room.

What you pick is highly personal to you, so we can’t tell you what to choose, but here’s a tip: make sure it’s something you love to look at and something that has meaning for you.

6. A 2021 Journal To Remind You That There Is A Bright New Year Ahead

A brand new year is about to begin, which means new hope and new beginnings are just on the horizon.

One of the steps to ‘2020 Recovery’ is to remind yourself of what to come, and what better way to do that than with a 2021 journal.

This one claims to be the best journal ever… and that’s what we all need in 2021!

Buy Yours Here

7. A Gratitude Journal To Acknowledge Your 2020 Thoughts

While 2020 is a year most of us want to forget, there’s power in acknowledging all that has happened; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Through assessing how you’ve changed as a person from that bright-eyed star child you were in January 2020, you’ll be able to see gifts in the rubble of the year that was. You’ll slowly start to realize that there are some small things that you can be grateful for.

And in recognizing your gratitude for the silver linings of this year, you’ll show the Universe that you are a strong being, able to see the light in the darkness… and she’ll bestow even more gifts upon you as a result!

While you can use any old notebook for your gratitude scribbles, we love this one…

Buy Yours Here

8. A Crystal Kit To Bring New Energy To 2021

There’s a whole new vibe coming your way which calls for new crystals (or recharging your old ones!).

Here are the top crystals you need in your kit to wave goodbye to 2020 and welcome the freedom-loving, adventure-seeking energy of 2021.

  • Clear Quartz: For ultimate healing
  • Amethyst: To purify and level-up your connection to your spiritual self
  • Tiger’s Eye: To give you unwavering confidence for the new year
  • Rose Quartz: For healing emotional pain and attracting love
  • Smoky Quartz: To absorb negative energy

This set is perfect if you’re a beginner…

Buy Yours Here

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