How would it feel to know that you have left a cycle behind and are finally being showered with love and support from the Universe?

That is what 2016 holds! It adds down to the #9 cycle of the Wise Wizard. This superhero will help break a time warp in your life so you can turn misfortunes of the past into fortunes of the future!

Check out my forecast below for all the details AND how you can receive a FREE one-on-one Superpower Initiation session with me.

Why The Energy Of The 9 Will Give You A Fresh Future

Time warps are where you keep reliving the same circumstances over and over again; the same relationship dynamics, the same number on the paycheck, the same conversations, the same health issues! They prevent you from moving on into new, high-level experiences!

And the #9 Wise Wizard showing up is soooo exciting!

If you are scared that because things have looked a certain way in the past, that is how they will be in the future? You are going to be inspired to know that the #9 has the vision to see beyond the past and into your wondrous life ahead, free from this old and outdated story.

If you know one of the #9’s secrets, you can transform things for the better, magnetizing personal love, wealth and purpose. In fact, the 9 can be a year of reward!

Understanding The 9 “Wise Wizard”

Here is quick story to illustrate how the #9 superpower breaks the time warp, so you can access your rewards:

The movie Groundhog Day!

Phil, played by Bill Murray is unkind, mean, miserable Weatherman. He think that others are the obstacle to him getting what he wants!

He is assigned to go to the little town of Punxsutawney – 4th year in a row! – to report on Groundhog Day. But after arriving and settling in to a little B&B he wakes up and finds that he reliving the same day over and over again. He is in a time warp.

At first he tries to manipulate and use the world to get what he wants. He seduces women, steals money, gets drunk, drives recklessly, and gets thrown in jail – using this time loop for hedonistic and selfish purposes. He went from thinking others were the obstacle to getting what he wanted, to the MEANS to get what he wanted! But still he remained stuck. It didn’t break the cycle.

The breakthrough moment? Phil finally realizes that others aren’t the obstacle and they are not the means to get what he wants. He realizes that he needs to become what he wants – and give it to the world!

He starts conspiring to help the townspeople: saving their lives, helping the homeless, giving compliments, and hugs. His heart opens. The stuff that prevented him from his blissful life was burned away. And the most amazing thing happened. The time warp releases, and he emerges a new person with a brand new life!

All by applying the #9 Superpower of Embodiment.

How To Use The 9’s Superpowers For Your Own Life

Mahatma Ghandi, a #9 Life Path Wise Wizard, knew this superpower too. He has one of the most famous quotes on embodiment: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

Well, the only way you can have a different tomorrow, is if you become different today! Let’s start now!

How To Receive A FREE Superpower Initiation Session…

To be entered in the giveaway for a FREE Initiation Phone Session with me, simply comment below with your answer to the following question:

What character, fictional or real, do you wish was in your world?

The winner will receive:

  • A private one-on-one phone session with Natalie Pescetti
  • A Superpower Initiation where you will discover what your primary superpowers are
  • A deeper understanding of how to leverage your innate Superpowers to achieve your dreams

(winner will be announced on Facebook on January 5th!)

To the Best Year Yet! 


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About Natalie Olson

Natalie Olson (Newly married! Previously known as Natalie Anastasio Pescetti) is your Numerologist and philosopher-friend with a passion for decoding the mystery of life. She is here to help you tap into your own personal magic (hidden in your birth name and birth date) so you can access yummy love, radiant health, abundant success and sparkly happiness. Nat has been lucky enough to be the secret weapon for Wall Street financiers, CEO’s, actors, soldiers, best-selling authors… and soon.. maybe you? To learn more about her work, or have a one-on-one session, visit .

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