In numerology, the 2 is the first of the feminine numbers, holding the frequency of the mother archetype. It contains super-strong nurturing and sensitive energy and represents the need for collaboration, understanding, and harmony. So, when there are multiple 2s, it shows us that there are super loving, warm and encouraging vibes. Not only are you being wrapped in the love and support of your Cosmic nurturer, you’re being encouraged to edge towards partnerships that will ignite your destiny.

Pretty cool, right?

The Number 2 also holds an incredibly potent vibrational frequency of intuition and insight. As one of the most psychically aware numbers, it often appears as a portal to divine messages and guidance from above. So, with all the #2 energy at play today (oh, and don’t forget the 2s in the year 2021 too), you’re in a position where your visions of the future are not only mini-glimpses of your destiny, they are mini-manifestations that help you set powerful intentions with the Universe.

Interestingly, Angel Number 222 actually appears when you’re harboring n energy of self-doubt. It’s a message from your Cosmic guides that you must believe in yourself, care for yourself and launch towards your goals with confidence.

With Mercury now stationed direct, make sure you soar into this week soaking in all of those 2 vibes. It’s time to think about how your partnerships and relationships are serving you; how they are helping you achieve your destiny. Maybe it’s not totally obvious right now, but by looking to others, you may just find the missing part in the puzzle that is your future.

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