No pressure.

December is crazy enough already with the holiday season in full swing, so adding another ‘must do’ to the list isn’t what anyone needs. But what if injecting a little of the sacred into your New Years celebrations is exactly what you DO need at this festive time of year?

More and more people are starting to eschew the “party, party, party” attitude when it comes to New Year’s Eve, in favor of a more spiritual time. It doesn’t mean you can’t let loose with your friends, it just means you’re being more conscious whilst you’re doing it!

Here are 10 ways to celebrate, with added Spiritual value!

1. Host a Spiritual New Years Eve Party

Invite your closest friends round to celebrate with you, and sprinkle the evening with the kinds of light-hearted and celebratory spiritual practices you actually want to do (keep reading the points below for ideas…!)

For starters, share the planning:

  • Ask the most musically-minded to create the perfect spiritual Spotify playlist. Even better if it inspires an ecstatic dance party!
  • Start with a short group meditation to set the tone.
  • Have one friend pull Oracle or Tarot cards for each person in the group – creating a 12 card spread – one card per month – is super simple but very effective (and be sure to record what you see – you’ll be amazed as the deeper meaning of the cards are revealed, as the year unfolds!)
  • Ask everyone to bring old magazines to cut up, so you can create vision boards for 2019 then share your dreams with each other (this seriously works!)

2. Symbolically Remove Something Unwanted from the House

People in some parts of Southern Italy still hold the tradition of throwing old pots and pans, clothes or other unwanted objects out of upstairs windows on New Year’s Eve! Whilst this could be a little extreme for your neighborhood, sorting out bags of old clothes and brick-a-brack for the charity shops is a really tangible way to release the old from your life, to make way for the new.

3. Clear Out the Old Energy From Your Home

Take a little time on December 31 to cleanse the energy in your home. You could burn a smudge like white sage, Palo Santo or incense; or sound vibrations like drumming, a singing bowl or even simply clapping your way around the house. (This also has the benefit of being kid-friendly!)

Be sure to complete the practice by opening windows to give the heavier energy somewhere to go, and then energetically sealing them up afterward with your intention.

4. Forgive Somebody

Whether it’s a grudge you’ve been holding onto all year long or just someone who accidentally spills their drink on your dress as the countdown to midnight begins, forgive them. It’s SO simple, yet is one vital spiritual practice that will truly help you reset your energy for the New Year.

5. Clean and re-set your Altar

Do you have a slightly neglected altar space at home? Or a shelf full of crystals gathering dust? New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to infuse the spirit back into your own sacred spaces by cleaning and re-setting your home altar. In fact, why not create a brand new altars space, with fresh intentions for the New Year? When you’re done, say a prayer to attract in love, money or happiness – whatever you desire for 2019! (Click here for inspiration).

6. Take a Ritual Bath

Morning or night, run yourself a luscious hot bath with essential oils and mineral salts to cleanse the old and stagnant vibrations from your energy body (not to mention scrubbing away the dust and dirt!) Spending time immersed in water is naturally soothing, and will add a sense of peace and calm to any New Years events that come afterwards.

7. Go to Bed Early and Wake Up With the Dawn

Go against the herd and have an early night on New Year’s Eve! It can be wonderfully refreshing to wake up on January 1 after a full nights sleep, minus the hangover, ready to greet the New Year with a fresh mind and clean energy. Watching the very first sunrise of a brand new year will add a special spiritual sparkle to not only the day but the rest of 2019.

8. Decide What you Will leave behind

Time spent journalling on a few key questions is time well spent on New Year’s Eve. In order to make way for whatever the New Year holds, you may have to leave a few things behind, and now’s your chance to figure out what they are. 

So pull out a pen and paper and answer these questions:

  • List 5 things that you struggled with this year.
  • What could have done differently (to create a more positive outcome, for yourself and others)?
  • What are the personal blocks that prevented you from expressing your best self?
  • Now based on your answers, list 5 things you will leave behind as you move into 2019. These could be personal blocks, behaviors or beliefs; it could be a relationship, job or situation. Or it could even be a physical object.

9. Decide what you will take with you

Don’t put that pen and paper away just yet! When space is consciously created, you need to consciously fill it, so now answer these questions:

  • List 5 things that you achieved this year
  • What did you do that surprised you, and made your (and others) proud?
  • What are the personal strengths you needed to draw on and develop, to express your best self?
  • Based on your answers, list 5 things you will take with you, as you move into 2019. These could be new-found skills or gifts, behaviors or beliefs; or they could be relationships, a job or a situation. Or they could also be physical objects.

10. Thank yourself!

Whatever you do for New Year’s Eve, wherever you go, and whomever you’re with, take just enough time to thank yourself for everything you did this year. It’s been incredible (living through an 11 Universal year is NOT for the faint-hearted!) and you know what, we all made it!

SO give yourself some love.

You are awesome.

You deserve it.

Wishing you a truly Happy New Year!

About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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