When the Sun switches Zodiac signs, on around the 19th -23rd each month, the globe is awash with a brand new kind of energy. The same is true with Numerology.

At the end of a calendar month, when those digits count down and the numbers all change, the overarching energetic vibration of the new month becomes something very different from the last. (But of course, you know this, right? Because you listen to Nat’s Numerology forecasts every month, don’t you?!)

According to the ancient Art of Numerology, October 2019 is a 4 Universal Month (1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 13, and 1 + 3 = 4).

This means that the strong, down-to-earth energetic frequency of the number 4 will be making waves through the collective until the month is out. And if your Life Path Number, (or Expression/ Destiny Number or Soul Urge Number) is a 4, then you’re one of the extra lucky ones – you’ll get a big acceleration of energy that’s closely aligned with your own! Happy days!

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So.. in honor of you, Number 4, and this 4 Universal Month, here’s a list of 10 things we absolutely love about you! (And why we all need someone like you in our lives!)

1. Life Path 4s are 100% Loyal!

First things first, the enviable Life Path Number 4 trait of absolute loyalty. With these trustworthy folks, we all know exactly where we stand.

If they say they’re going to do something, it’s done.

If they say they’ll call, the number’s on speed dial.

There’s no doubt and no excuses where a Life Path 4 is involved.

loyal life path 4Pin

2. They’re HONEST

The loyalty of the Life Path 4 doesn’t make these beautiful people suckers, though. These guys will tell it like it is. So they can be relied upon to give the facts, not to get emotional, not to bend the truth and not to people-please. Which at the end of the day, makes life a whole lot more straightforward for us all…

3. They’re Well Resourced

Just like the Taurus Zodiac Sign, these grounded people are a lot like the boy scouts of the Numerology fam. Life Path 4s always come prepared. Need a ball of string, a pair of scissors or a roll of electrical tape? Look no further.

4. Life Path 4s are ROCKS

Whenever anybody is wobbling, cracking, or generally losing their minds, we can all trust a Life Path 4 to step in.

These people are stability incarnate!

Cornerstones of the community, they’re guaranteed to stay strong when it matters most. Unflappable, and relentlessly, coolheaded zero judgment will be passed for your tears and crazy-talk (just blame the Full Moon!)

Pin5. Life Path 4s are Well Connected

And speaking of community, Life Path 4s are some seriously well-connected folks.

Usually, members of associations, networks and local authorities, and involved in clubs, societies, and panels, Life Path 4s are rooted in the bedrock of their neighborhoods. Which means that if you’re in any way associated with someone on this path, you’re in a good place!

6. They’re Team Players

Life Path 4s just seem to understand what it means to be “interconnected”. But not in an idealistic, spiritual sense (umm, no we’re not looking at you, Life Path 7!) More in a practical, nuts-and-bolts kind of way. So whilst they’re probably more than capable of taking on the world by yourself, they don’t.

They delegate, teach, and share the load.

They let others participate, be useful, and share their skills.

Life Path 4s foster relationships, by letting everyone around them step up too.

7. They Make things Happen!

Relentlessly practical, Life Path 4s know how to actually materialize great ideas. So rather than endlessly chattering about their wonderful ideas (Life Path 3…?!) or getting bored and moving on before they’ve really taken root (uuummmm… Life Path 5 anyone?!) these folks actually manifest. They put the hard work in and create things. Which is really quite a marvelous skill to have!

8. They’re Family-Focused

Life Path 4s are more family-focused than any of the other numbers (except, maybe the Life Path 6?) Driven by a combination of love and responsibility, the Life Path Number 4 will always do the right thing by the other people in their lives.

And even if you’re not strictly “family” it doesn’t take long for the Life Path 4 to welcome you into the tribe. Then you know you’ll really be looked after.

Pin9. They’re Brilliant Teachers

Because they have such orderly minds, and such a disciplined grasp of how stuff works in the world, Life Path Number 4s tend to make incredible teachers! (And that’s not to say you all need to go out and get teaching jobs!) But to have one of these guide-worthy folks close by means that any time you need to know something (how to wire a plug, how to attach a file to an email, how to take a cutting from a rose….) they’ve not only got the info somewhere in their ridiculously well-stocked brains, but they know how to share it in a step-by-step way that’ll make sense.

10. Life Path 4s Will Not Give Up!

For the people on this Life Path, defeat is NOT an option!

Sure, some may see this tenacity as a negative side. But their supernatural stamina, plus their total inability to lose, means that you can rely on the Life Path 4 to keep fighting to the bitter end!

…Meaning they are totally awesome allies to have by your side in life.

Whether it’s for a nasty legal battle, or a quirky computer tech glitch, these people will be there, problem-solving alongside you for as long as it takes to reach the outcome you want.


So.. are you a Life Path 4? Or do you have any 4s in your life? Shout out in the comments below how much you love your Number 4 BFF and let’s share the love!

Oh, and Happy 4 Universal Month!