2015 just might be the happiest & most abundant year of your life.

Here’s why…

2015 is an 8 Universal Year. This is calculated by adding up all the digits of the year (2+0+1+5=8)!

It’s important for you to understand the Universal Year Number because it represents a vibrational pattern you can’t avoid.

So, what does an 8 Universal Year mean for YOU in 2015?

Big (and I mean BIG) things because 8 is the number of Infinite Abundance. Ka-Ching!

Watch my quick video below where I reveal a simple 5-step ‘Numerology trick’ for harnessing this year’s powerful Universal energy and turning yourself into an unstoppable money magnet…

Here is a guide to the good bits:

0:32 – The single most searingly urgent equation you MUST know for 2015.
1:35 – The trick to overcoming your past financial challenges and reaping the rewards of this year’s 8 energy.
1:55 – A special New Year’s announcement.
2:10 – 5 simple steps you can follow today to guarantee amplified abundance in 2015.
3:23 – The ONE thing all good Numerologists do before making ANY major financial decisions.
3:52 – Feeling a little weak in the wealth-attraction department? Here’s how to instantly realign yourself with abundance.

Where as the Number 8 has started appearing in your life this year? Leave your comments below.

With love,
Kari & The Numerologist.com Team

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