May 2014 Astrology & Numerology Forecast with Kari Samuels

May is here in all it’s glory… and what a welcome change!

You should be saying ‘YAY for May’ because the energy this month will be a joyful relief for you! April was EPIC! You most likely felt overwhelmed and had too much to do, with more things happening at once than you could keep up with.

But, good news! May’s energy is much lighter! We’ll be in the beautiful sign of Taurus for the majority of the month – until May 20th. In astrology, the element of Taurus is fixed earth. After the cardinal fire of April’s Aries, which is all about initiating new ventures with aggression and courage, Taurus comes along to ground and stabilize your plans with determined practicality!

Watch my May 2014 Astrology & Numerology Forecast Below!

Here are 3 ways to make the most of this marvelous May energy!

1) Be creative and have fun! Creativity can take many forms including gardening and cooking, as well as dancing, singing, writing, acting, painting and crafts. Since Taurus is an earth sign make sure to go out in nature and enjoy this beautiful planet!

2) Be aware of your self worth. Are you receiving what you deserve? Ask yourself if your relationships and activities are worth your time. If you aren’t receiving as much as you are giving, it’s time to make room for something better.

3) Use your voice to express what’s in your heart. You might be sensitive enough to know what other people are feeling, but others may not be. If there’s been something on your mind, it’s time to express it. If you have a creative project that would make you feel good, please share it. Also, if there is someone in your life who isn’t valuing you, draw some boundaries. People will respond to you the way you treat yourself. Allow for nothing but the best!

You’ll find this will be a wonderful month for getting your mojo back and enjoying life’s simple pleasures! Make your destination a joyful journey and you will receive an abundance of blessings. Remember to stop and smell the flowers and savor all the sweetness life has to offer!

Have an amazing May!
Kari Samuels

About Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Numerologist and Happiness Coach who helps people world-wide align with their soul’s purpose and reclaim their natural spiritual gifts. Through her radio shows, online courses, and inspiring YouTube videos, Kari has taught thousands of people how to interpret the letters of their name and numbers in their birth date to heal their past, tune into their present, and decipher their destiny. Check out more of her awesome stuff at, where you can receive her free Numerology Guide to a Happy Life.

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