Life Path

This is your own special path that you walk in this lifetime.

Method #1

Adding Straight Across

Method #2

Reducing as You Go

Method #3

Adding Down

Method #4

Adding Double Digits


Your Birthday is Also One of Your Lessons

Reduce your day of birth to single.


Your Expression number is literally how you express yourself-which is considered by most, your Destiny number.

It is found by adding together the vowels and consonants of your birth name.

Soul Urge

Your inner world. Your life as projected out from your heart of hearts.

Add together the vowels of your BIRTH name.


This is the way others see you. This is your ‘OUTER WORLD’.

Add together the consonants of your BIRTH name.


The Maturity number reveals the true essence of who you are because it is the total sum of all that you are.

It is reached by adding together the energies of your birth name and your birth date.