Neptune is known as the Planet of Divinity. Its influence is more psychic than physical, representing intuition and high ideals. As Neptune remains so long in each sign it is impossible to give more than a very general interpretation for each house.

Neptune In the First House.
A love of humanity, a desire for travel, interest in music and high ideals.

Neptune In the Second House.
Ability to make money out of creative pursuits. A strong sense of tact.

Neptune In the Third House.
Impressionability, mystical or intuitive abilities, a love of nature and beauty.

Neptune In the Fourth House.
Sensitiveness, an affectionate nature. A house near water.

Neptune In the Fifth House.
A love of art and music, an unusual love affair, psychic friends.

Neptune In the Sixth House.
Healing powers used to assist friends. Interest in health foods and writing.

Neptune In the Seventh House.
A receptive nature, platonic friendships, high ideals. The risk of being deceived by someone close.

Neptune In the Eighth House.
Development of psychic abilities. Complications involving money matters.

Neptune In the Ninth House.
The search for higher knowledge, endless plans seldom carried out, the risk of self-deception. Interesting and educational travel.

Neptune In the Tenth House.
Research and meditation, strange turnings in your career. A time when luck can turn literally overnight.

Neptune In the Eleventh House.
Noble hopes and aspirations, new friends who may try to use you. Introduction to people involved in ESP.

Neptune In the Twelfth House.
Involvement in mysticism. Your subconscious, inner mind is affected by others. Avoid contact with any so-called ‘secret’ societies.