Negative Meanings of the Numbers


There are no “good, “bad”, “lucky” numbers, but each number has both a positive and negative side. It is important to know the negative attributes as we can then make more effort to stay on the positive side.

1. SELF. These people are usually inflating their ego to counteract an inferiority complex. They can be very stubborn and try to bully (instead of leading) to get their own way.

2. SHYNESS. Can be over-sensitive, indifferent and self-effacing.

3. SUPERFICIALITY. Use their expressive skills to gossip, criticize and worry. Frivolous.

4. DRUDGE. Rigid, narrow-minded and repressed. “Square”. Overwhelmed with feelings of limitation.

5. SELF-INDULGENCE. People who are irresponsible, procrastinate and over-indulge. Often flit form one thing to another. Erratic.

6. BUSY-BODY. . People who meddle in everyone else’s business. Badly adjusted, critical and fussy. Unusual to find many negative “6’s”.

7. WITHDRAWAL. Nervous, deceitful, and enjoying finding fault. Introspected, self-centered.

8. DEMANDER. Misuses power by wasting energy and demanding everything for themselves.

9. EGOGENTRICITY. Impractical dreamer.

11. FANATICISM. Living in a world of illusion and dreams.

22. PROMOTER. Big Talker of get-rich-quick schemes. Hustler.