Mercury is known as the “Planet of Reason”, ruling your thoughts and communications in all
senses of the word.

Mercury In the First House
A restless period for you, in which you find it difficult to settle into anything. New interests come  and go. Quick enthusiasms which pass almost as soon as they have begun.

Mercury In the Second House
Your mind will be concentrating on financial matters and how to make extra money. Listen to these ideas as some may prove worthwhile. You will also be spending money in this period, and afterwards will not know where it all went.

Mercury In the Third House
You will be inclined to attempt too much at this time. Try to do just one thing at a time and you will accomplish much more. Your mind will be full of ideas making it hard to concentrate on the more mundane aspects of your life. Your brothers and sisters, if any, will need your attention.

Mercury In the Fourth House
You may find yourself collecting for a charity at this time. Your domestic life will be important and your time at home will be busy. You will change familiar routines, not always for the better.

Mercury In the Fifth House
You will be happiest working on creative activities in this period. The activities of your children will also be important. There will be the opportunity of a speculation which may not pay off. Investigate it carefully before you commit yourself.

Mercury In the Sixth House
Your mind will be focussed on your work at this time. You may help some of the people you work with sort out their problems, and there is the possibility of increased responsibilities. This could cause worry.

Mercury In the Seventh House
There will be many dealings with other people at this time, and whilst most will be favorable, a few may not. You will be tempted to take the advice of others, and your partner may not be easy to understand in this period.Mercury

Mercury In the Eighth House
Interest in ESP and psychic phenomena will increase in this period through a chance introduction or something you have read. Insurance or bank matters will be important.

Mercury In the Ninth House
A good time in which to widen your interests, especially in the arts and sciences. The desire to travel will be strong and will prove very worthwhile if you are able to do it. You will find yourself enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Mercury In the Tenth House
You, or someone you know, could find yourself in the news. You will have a brief association with someone interested in politics and public life.

Mercury In the Eleventh House
A happy social time in which you will make new friends. These will be platonic friendships, rather than emotional ones, and you could find yourself happily discussing topics that you did not know existed a few weeks previously.

Mercury In the Twelfth House
Rely on your intuition at this time. You may have the desire to be on your own during this period, to work things out for yourself. Do not confide too much to others. Someone may need your help, and you will have to visit them as they will be confined in some way.