Through the nature of what I do, I spend a lot of time talking to people from all walks of life. The one common issue that keeps coming up is that everyone is stressed out in one way or another and that stress level is increasing every year.  Some people struggle with time, they are trying to fit more into their day and they are feeling like they’re struggling with productivity, ultimately leaving them with a sense of swimming against the tide.

The reality is that we’re all looking for ways to get more done, and to feel fulfilled in the process. But the reality is that at the end of the day, most of us feel like we’ve been on a day long roller coaster ride.

When we are in this state are we doing our best work? Are we really being productive? Are we living beneficially for our health and wellbeing. Most people are saying no.

I believe that Meditation is the answer to solving this issue once and for all. It’s a tool that can reinvigorate our lives in so many ways.

I’ve been a Meditator for nearly 30 years and it’s been such an integral part of my life right from the beginning. I studied and practiced Meditation in India for four years, as well as studying Meditation in New York and here in Australia. I have personally learned so much about myself from this practice and have developed personal routines to manage how I respond to stressful situations that I feel the benefit of every day.

In all likelihood, life is only going to get busier, and the demands for your attention are only going to increase. If you don’t come up with a management tool, you will have more problems with stress, concentration, productivity and all kinds of other issues.

So in short, here are seven compelling reasons why Meditating is the ultimate tool to help you get your life under control:

1. You can Meditate anywhere.

Meditation is a portable practice. You can meditate in a comfortable chair at home, and you can also meditate on a park bench or find a quiet space at work in the middle of the day to close your eyes for five minutes. Any of these will produce immeasurable benefits.

2. You don’t need a pile of formal training.

Meditation is about taking time for yourself and allowing your inner being to rest. In essence, it’s the practice of relaxing the body and focusing the mind. You can get started with just a few basic techniques.

3. It’s cheap.

There are many free meditation apps, as well as an abundance of tools online to get you started with Meditation. Even just the simple practice of closing your eyes and focusing on your breath has many benefits.

4. You can Meditate for as long as you want.

There are no rules when it comes to Meditation. If you’re a busy mum or a business owner and only have five minutes to yourself during the day, then that is the perfect amount of time for you to Meditate. Meditation is flexible; you can start with a five-minute meditation and build it up over time.

5. It’s personal

Meditation is just for you. It’s free of competition, striving and comparison. It’s a time where you can let go of expectations. Whatever comes up for you, this is the time; It’s a safe space to feel whatever needs to be explored.

6. Improved Concentration.

As we practice focusing our awareness while relaxing the body, we learn how to become the master of our awareness, and have more control over where we choose to direct it. Coming out of Meditation and into our daily lives, we can find that we are able to concentrate better.

7. We let go of stress.

Most of the time,  our thoughts and responses to situations in our lives are what causes stress. Meditation slows down brain waves and allows us to get beyond analytical thinking, and when we do this, the body experiences deep rest. We are also able to see the truth of a situation as opposed to our habitual reactions, and this, in turn, can be very liberating.

For me, as a Meditation Coach, having worked with many people,  whilst studying Meditation, I’ve seen profound changes when people start incorporating this practice into their daily lives.

If you are struggling with overwhelm on a daily basis, surging stress levels and sense of losing control of your life, Meditation is, in my opinion, the answer that you’re looking for.