Have you ever found yourself repeatedly thinking about a problem in your life unable to find a solution? I have. This constant thinking happens when we are stuck in the cyclical nature of the mind and emotion. Thoughts feed emotions and emotions reinforce the thought.

When we are in this state, it can put our whole being out of balance. It not only creates physical and mental stress, but it also affects our ability to think clearly and find a solution.

The way out of this is by taking our focus away from the issue and putting our attention on the heart.

The heart is a very powerful force. There is scientific research which says when the heart and brain being in alignment we put ourselves in an optimal state to make decisions and navigate our life.

Focusing on the heart in meditation can bring us into a state of coherence. According to the Heart Math institute “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation”. This state is linked to steady positive emotion and an elevated level of mental and emotional stability.

Here are five reasons why connecting with the heart in meditation will transform your perception:

1. We get beyond the analytical mind

It’s the analytical mind that stops us from being in the present moment. When we focus on the heart, we bring ourselves back to the now. Being present enables us to approach our life with equanimity.

2. An elevated emotional state.

When we put our awareness on the heart, we bring our energies to one point. We bring balance to our entire being and can find improved and renewed energy.


3. We get in touch with how we genuinely feel

Focusing on the heart allows us to hear what’s going on inside. It opens the door to insight and makes room for clear perception.

4. Positive emotions help us find solutions.

In a heart-based state, we generate positive emotions. These heartfelt emotions improve our cognitive function overall. This, in turn, increases our ability to find solutions to challenges in our lives and make empowered decisions.

5. We experience greater connection.

Heart-based meditation can make us feel more like ourselves than ever before. We can discover an elevated harmonious state of being. This elevated state can also positively influence our relationships and bring about a greater connection with those around us.

We can practice focusing on the heart in meditation anytime we get caught up in the worrisome thoughts and emotions. Doing this will immediately stop the cycle and empower us to think clearly. It will help us find harmonies outcomes. And if we engage in this practice regularly, it can completely transform the way we approach and engage with each moment in our life.