Meditation does not have to take place just at home in a quiet room with the lights off. The real task of a Meditator is being able to access a calm state brought about by Meditation at any time during the day.

One place where we often need to call on this calm, even-minded state is at work. There are so many opportunities to react and become stressed and leave our state of equilibrium. Meditating at work gives us a way to navigate this, to let it go and go about our day with renewed energy and clarity.

There are very simple tools to access our inner calm through Meditation. It’s easier than we might think and just a few minutes at a time can be very effective. A lot of my coaching clients think they need to find perfect calm and quiet spaces to meditate but in reality, once we learn how to tap into this place of calm, we can access it anywhere. It’s like a wellspring, opening up to us and becoming easier to retrieve each time.

Here are 5 simple ways you can Meditate at work during your lunch break.

1. Get out in Nature

If you have a park nearby the office, make sure to head there in your lunch break and find a bench to sit on for a few minutes. The fresh air and oxygen of nature are rejuvenating. Simply close your eyes and focus on the breath, feel the freshness of the moment in the open air. Five to fifteen minutes will work wonders.

Walking MeditationPin2. Mini meditation at your desk.

If you feel comfortable closing your eyes for a few minutes at your desk, put a gentle timer on your phone for three to five minutes. Close your eyes and focus on your breath going in and out. Alternatively, you can focus on your heart which has the power to really still your mind and body and is very rejuvenating.

3. Find a quiet office

Many workplaces have rooms you can book for a section of time. If you have access to this. Check in with the manager to see if you can book it for a regular 15-minute time slot a few times a week. This will allow you to really let go knowing the room is set aside for you. Take your headset with you and plug into a guided meditation. This will really get you charged up for the rest of the day.

Woman performing meditationPin4. Walking Meditation

The great thing about a walking meditation is that you can do it without anyone realizing you are meditating. You can do it while walking around the office, walking to get some lunch or simply going for a stroll down the street with no agenda. 15 Minutes is a great amount of time. Pick a meditative musical track, put your headset on and set a timer. Focus on every aspect of how your body moves as you walk. The sensation of your feet as they touch the ground and the movement of your body. Stay focused inside while keeping an open soft gaze as you look ahead.

nature meditationPin

5. Body Scan

You can do a body scan anywhere with your eyes open and again no-one will notice. As you are sitting down during your lunch break or pausing afterward, take time to focus on each area of the body, start at your toes and move up, observing your experience. If you notice tension, simply let it go by breathing it out. As you move up the body you will feel more and more relaxed.

The simple practice of Meditating for three to 15 minutes during your working day will help you access your inner calm at any time thought the day. You may find yourself more at ease, experiencing greater energy and productivity throughout the day.

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