Meanings of the Colors

BLACK             Repulsion, stand-offishness.

WHITE             Beauty, attraction

RED                 Assertiveness, heat and fire, excessive energy.

ORANGE          Practical and down-to-earth.

YELLOW          Learning, study, intellect.

GREEN            Healing, nature

BLUE               Freedom, socializing without romance.

INDIGO           Reflection, looking back over the past

VIOLET           Good health, happiness, wellbeing.

PINK               Love, romance

PEARL            Wisdom

AMETHYST      Healing of mind, reducing fear of unknown.

TURQUOISE    Adventure, mixing in all circles.

RUBY              Ancient lines, history, regressions.

MUSTARD       Illness, sickness

GREY             Emotional turmoil, unable to cope with life’s problems.

BROWN          Background. Concealed from view, not in the limelight.