Mars is known as the Planet of Action, Aggression and Violence. However, its strong power is normally directed into worthwhile areas. It gives great determination and drive.

Mars In the First House.
You will have a strong desire to get out and do things at this time. Your enthusiasm will be high, and you will get results. Try and avoid arguments, however, as your abundance of energy may irritate some.

Mars In the Second House.
A marvelous time to find something to help boost your income. A step towards self-employment could be made. Guard against financial setbacks by avoiding impulsiveness.

Mars In the Third House.
A busy period for you which you will find stimulating, and exhausting. Try not to rush too much, especially when traveling. Be careful of mistakes made by others, particularly on the road.

Mars In the Fourth House.
A time for activity around the home. You will find yourself doing all sorts of repair jobs, and a renewed interest in your garden will keep you busier than intended. You will be more than usually impulsive at this time, especially where money is concerned.

Mars In the Fifth House.
You will be full of self-assurance at this time, especially where your emotions are concerned. Do not become too involved with any one person as romantic arguments are possible. Your children could cause problems, but this will be a reaction to a temporary forgetfulness on your part.

Mars In the Sixth House.
This period centers around your work and there could be complications regarding the detailed nature of this at this time. You may have to work longer hours, causing strain and friction with someone close to you.

Mars In the Seventh House.
An uneven period for you. You will find yourself being too frank and honest at times, unintentionally hurting people as a result. If single there could be a brief association with someone obsessed with physical sports. This obsession, plus their high opinion of themselves, makes this friendship brief. If married there may be frequent ups and downs at this time with both of you saying things you did not intend to. Try and keep calm and relaxed until this difficult period is over.

Mars In the Eighth House.
A time to be cautious, even though your innermost feelings direct you otherwise. There could be problems with insurance, mortgages or taxation. The slowness of officialdom over these matters will make you tense and impatient.

Mars In the Ninth House.
Your mind will be reaching ahead at this time, giving you new ideas and plenty of enthusiasm. You may be tempted to change jobs, and this is a good time to do this, providing the change means advancement and financial improvement. Study along philosophical lines is indicated, but may not last for very long.

Mars In the Tenth House.
A very progressive period. Ambitions may be realized, or at the least, significant progress will be made in reaching them. Try not to overdo things as your enthusiasm will be pushing you along encouraging you to attempt more than usual. Make sure your family are not forgotten at this time.

Mars In the Eleventh House.
A good social period with old friends reappearing, and new friends being made. You will find them more impulsive than you are at this time, so try and keep your own counsel, offering advice only when it is asked for. There may be pressure on you at work in this cycle.

Mars In the Twelfth House.
Your energy level will be lower than usual at this time, and you may feel like solitary introspection or quiet activities. Interest in the occult will be high in some, while others will be tempted to drink more than usual. Someone you know could well be in hospital or confined to bed at this time. You will prefer working quietly by yourself rather than rushing out into a frenzy of hectic social activities.