The stars with but few exceptions are all signs of good luck and are pointers on the road to

On the Mount of Jupiter: material and social success.

On the Mount of Saturn: not a good position, persistent challenges are presented to you.

On the Mount of Apollo: riches, fame and glory. Happiness does not always go with wealth,

On the Mount of Mercury: success in mental and scientific pursuits. Also promise of a prosperous

On the Mount of Luna: imaginative and creative qualities promise brilliant success in the domain of
invention, or literature.

On the Mount of Venus: the great lovers of the world bear this star on their hands.

The cross is an unfortunate sign and generally foretells interference of some kind, affecting any
line at the point where it occurs.

The square is a mark which indicates preservation from danger. You will escape whatever danger
is threatened.

Islands are important and not fortunate. They indicate periods of adversity and weaken the quality
of any line in which they occur.

The Great Triangle
The Great Triangle is formed by the Life, Head and Health lines. The larger it is, the better it is for

The Quadrangle is the space between the Heart and Head lines. The fewer small lines upon it the
better. If even and well shaped, a balanced mind is indicated.

Various methods are used to estimate time and to place events. The following are general rules:

Life line normally about 80 years. Read it downwards.

Read Head Line from beginning between thumb and first finger. Date Heart Line from beginning
between first and second fingers.

Read Fate and Success Lines upwards from wrist.

Where Fate Line cuts the Head Line is normally 30 years. Where Fate Line cuts Heart Line is
normally 50 years.