The first time I made a Witch’s Bottle was an eye-opening and impressive experience. Up until that point on my magickal journey, I was solely involved with more elaborate, ritualistic forms of magick. I was focused on the cycles of the moon, personal transformation and healing. The path of the Priestess.

Even though I hadn’t thought to practice ‘folk’ style magick before, I joined a class to expand my magickal experience. It was run by a very wise and down-to-earth witch, and it was she who taught me this craft. To see magick used for everyday protection, in such a practical and powerful way, was an eye-opening experience. I found it so exciting work this magick for the first time, because it was simple and so ordinary, yet beautiful.

A Witch’s Bottle is primarily created for protection. A secondary intention can also be weaved in, such as financial prosperity, peace in the home, family harmony, etc.

In order to withstand the elements (they are typically buried) Witch’s Bottles are usually made with glass or pottery vessels.  The bottles are then filled with powerful magickal objects, such as herbs, fluids and other ingredients.

Originally, the Witch’s Bottle was made by anyone wanting to protect themselves from witches, or being cursed. Practicing witches and folk healers also made these protective bottles for themselves, and for those who came to them for help.

Make your own witch's bottle

How To Craft Your Own Witch’s Bottle

Step 1

Get clear on your intention. What are you creating your Witch’s Bottle for?

For example, my first Witch’s Bottle was crafted to shield my home from outside menaces, such as burglars, and to absorb negative energy sent by a nasty neighbor. I also wanted to feel peace and serenity within my home.

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Step 2

Select a bottle or jar. Something as simple as a clean pasta sauce jar works well.

Step 3

Collect your magickal ingredients. Choose items that seem to say “keep away!” like rusty nails, garlic, dragon’s blood resin, salt, pepper, or broken glass. If you have a secondary intention also choose items that reflect this positive intention such as fennel, rose petals, basil, rosemary, or rose quartz.

Step 4

Before you place the ingredients into your bottle, hold each one and thank it for the work it is doing. Once you have placed in each ingredient, top the bottle with vinegar. Before placing the lid on, speak your intention over the bottle, which could be as simple as,

“Harm Be Gone.
Negativity Disarmed.
Peace is our glee.
So Mote it Be.”

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Step 5

Seal your Witch’s Bottle by screwing the lid firmly on and melting wax around it.

Step 6

Place your Witch’s Bottle in a hidden spot. Traditionally they are buried by the front door, or near a front gate to trap negativity before it enters the property. Instead you can place it your kitchen, in the corner of a garage, or deep in a cupboard. Somewhere it won’t be disturbed.

NOTE: Just like with anything else, practice is required to build magickal skill. Meditation and energy work training (such as grounding, making energy balls and shielding) improve a witch’s skill tremendously. Make these activities a regular part of your life, and you will greatly enhance your spell crafting ability!

Witch’s Bottles are a lovely piece of old folk wisdom that is still practical today. May your home be safe and your magick successful!

By Veronica Schultz

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Now it is your turn to share with us! Let us know in the comments what you want to protect yourself against?

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