Do you ever feel there must be more to life? Do you find yourself wondering what your purpose on this earth might be? Perhaps you have moments that you know you have something more to bring to this world, but you’re just unsure what that could be…

The truth is we are each brimming with skills, gifts and abilities. And if you feel unfulfilled or your life seems lacking in some way, then you are likely one of the many people who has not tapped into the reservoir of potential you were born with.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot system, The Magician card represents the fullness of our natural potential. When we work with him he reveals to us the path to unlocking our own potential and empowers us to make that possibility tangible and real.

Finding Your Path

The first step to unlocking your potential involves knowing what you want.

You see, our dreams and desires are actually maps gifted to us by the Universe. And let me assure you no desire is too small, too silly, or too unattainable. Each and everyone points us in the direction we are supposed to take.

Settle down with your journal and answer the following questions. Don’t think too much, just allow your hand to write…

1. What is something I’ve always wanted?

2. Where have I always wanted to go – to visit or to live?

3. What are other dreams and desires do I have?

4. What was I good at as a child? What have people always said I’m good at?

5. What other skills have I developed since then?

The Art Of Manifestation

The Magician teaches us to hold a clear vision of what we want in our minds until it exists on earth. This is the art of manifestation. What you create in your mind will come to pass in the “real world”.

The secret is to truly believe that your desire will come to you, and it’s a universal law that it will!

As long as you create a clear picture of what you want in your mind and continue to feed that vision with positivity, your path will be revealed to you and your dreams will begin to materialize. Test this theory and see for yourself!

As you go through this process, each time you notice you are feeling doubt, or worry, or thinking any kind of negativity towards your desire…

Take a deep, slow breath.

And re-create the picture.

Awakening Your Potential

This tarot inspired technique will help you unlock your full potential

Moving towards your desires will naturally reveal pockets of your full potential. You will begin to appreciate all the areas, topics, activities and skills you have a natural aptitude for. This, in turn, will highlight what you truly want to invest your time and energy into developing and learning.

Potential is a seed, and when we water and nourish it with our time, attention and energy it blooms and flourishes!

Magic With The Magician

Here’s a simple piece of magic that anyone can try. It will support you as you unravel your potential and truly live the life you were born to!

What You Will Need?

  • A printed image of The Magician
  • Marker
  • Cinnamon powder

How To Unlock Your Magic!

1. At the top or bottom of your Magician image write “I Unlock My Full Potential”.

2. Turn the paper over and sprinkle the cinnamon powder over the back of the sheet. Gently push the cinnamon around with your fingers and imagine what it would be like to really live in the fullness of your unlocked potential. What does that look like? What does it feel like? What does it mean for you?

Cinnamon is used in magic to attract and support success in all our endeavors. It’s also used to call in “sweet situations”.

3. Wipe the cinnamon away and hang The Magician where you can see it. Perhaps above your desk or on your altar if you have one.

4. Whenever you see the image, read the words you have written. Remember your desires and dreams. Picture them, feel what they are, and ask The Magician for support in unlocking your full potential. He will!

Best wishes on your journey,

Owlvine xx

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