Many people begin dipping their toes into the world of magic because they have some kind of problem that needs fixing. Usually it’s a life mess they’ve grappled with for some time without a solution in sight. So, eventually, they decide to throw a spell at it and see what happens.

If the intention or aim of the spell is fairly straight forward and it’s a simple problem, often to the new witch’s shock and delight – it works! But if the spell intention is too vague, unrealistic in a particular time frame, or in other ways doesn’t line up with Universal Truths… then it doesn’t work.

But it’s not only those who are new to magick that get tripped up by this.

Though we can’t scientifically measure it (yet), magic is natural not supernatural. There are paths magic can and cannot take. When we position ourselves according to the fundamental laws of the Universe our magic works effectively and often quickly.

Depending on who you talk to there are 7, 12 or 21 Universal Laws, although most people agree on 12.

1. Law of Divine Oneness

Everyone (and everything) is connected to everyone else. We are each part of a cosmic web, and whatever we do it affects the whole. Use your magic to benefit your cosmic web.

2. Law of Vibration

Everything is made of energy or vibration. Each thought, word and action is vibration and affects the outcome of your magic. Make sure the energy you consistently emit matches your intention and what you want for your life.

3. Law of Action

When you move towards what you want, what you want moves towards you. Cast spells and then take actionable steps to make room for your desires to manifest.

4. Law of Correspondence

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” Your external life always reflects your internal life. Work first on what you cannot see within you and the rest will follow.

5. Law of Cause and Effect

For every action, there is a consequence, and for every non-action there is also a consequence. No matter what we choose to do or not to do there is an outcome of that choice. 

6. Law of Compensation

“What you sow you reap”. Sow kindness, love and generosity into the world around you and you will see it bloom in your own life. This is a living magical spell. 

7. Law of Attraction

“Energy flows where focus goes”. Whatever you focus on… whether it is what you don’t have or what you do have… you will get more of that.

8. Law of Perpetual Motion

Everything is energy and energy is always in motion. This means you really can transform your life completely. Nothing is fixed, every situation can be magically altered.

9. Law of Relativity

Everything is neutral, there is no good or bad. Magic is not ‘black’ or ‘white’, it is simply magic. When we release comparison we find freedom. When we accept what is, there is joy.

10. Law of Polarity

Everything in life has an equal opposite. To remain balanced, with a wide and healthy perspective, consider both sides of all things.

11. Law of Rhythm

Life is cyclical and our life path is like a spiral, it comes back to similar points over and over, but always we are a little more ahead than before. Find your natural cycles of productivity and rest, both in your life in general and in your magic.

12. Law of Gender

Similar to polarity, we can understand all energy is on a sliding scale of feminine and masculine… receptive and projective, action and stillness, yin and yang. We are each made up of the eternal dance of these energies.

The secret to living a successful magical life… meaning a life of joy, abundance, love and wonder… is to harness the inherent magic found within each of the Universal Laws. When we work our magic in accordance with these truths our life flows in divine alignment and we reap all of the benefits.

Comment “Magic” below for an extra magickal boost to your spellcasting!

Sending love and MAGIC your way,

Owlvine xx

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