Do you ever wonder why some desires seem to manifest easily, while others come slowly, if at all? Have you spent hours doing spells and visualizing, only to find your wish still did not come true? If you have ever felt less-than-stellar about your manifesting ability, do not be discouraged, as there are many simple strategies to vastly improve your manifesting skills!

Simple Strategies to Improve your Manifesting Ability

1.  Move from your Head into your Heart

Manifesting is all about FEELING. The Universe is made of energy, and that which is energetically like itself is drawn together by the powerful Law of Attraction. Our feelings supercharge our energy, making us magnetic.

Many times, we make the mistake of attempting to manifest by holding a visual imagine of our desire in our mind, but we forget to incorporate our emotions into the process. Next time you are manifesting do your best to feel, with all of your heart, the many wonderful emotions AS IF your dream were already true. A strong emotional state will more easily magnetize your desire to you!

2. Dream only as Big as you actually Believe

 A common manifesting pitfall is attempting to manifest something you don’t actually believe is possible. Remember that you need to believe it in order to receive it. This is why sometimes it is best to start small and work your way up to your biggest dreams.

For instance, many people would like to manifest a million dollars. That amount of money might feel realistically achievable for people who grew up witnessing others around them receive millions rather easily. For other people, a million dollars might feel like a pipe dream that is out of the realm of actual possibility.

Unless manifesting a million dollars feels truly possible for you, it is best to start with a smaller amount. Once you manifest the smaller amount, you will begin to come to expect that abundance comes naturally to you, and you can then manifest larger and larger amounts. In time, you will work up to manifesting a million dollars with ease, because your consciousness now expects a million dollars to arrive easily.

3. Seek Happiness

Have you ever noticed that wonderful manifestations seem to come effortlessly to you when you are feeling really happy? Next time an opportunity comes to you, seemingly from out of the blue sky, take notice of your dominant mood in the days leading up to your seeming luck. I am willing to bet that you were predominantly in a happy feeling state!

Something magical happens when we feel happy, it clears the way for the Universe to bring us what we desire. When the clouds part in your mind, the clouds part in the sky above you, and magic comes beaming in like the sun. When you take time each day to focus on what brings you joy, your energy rises to a state where you are an energetic match for your desires, which allows the Universe to easily bring them to you! Happiness aligns you with all of the good the Universe has lined up for you, and it’s the easiest way to manifest. You don’t even have to try!

4. Let the Universe do the Work for You

Many times we stifle our ability to manifest because we don’t trust the Universe (which is far more intelligent than we are!) to work the details out on our behalf. We get in our own way by trying to figure out the path to make something happen, which often leads us off into the bushes! When manifesting, remember to turn your intention over to the Universe to work out the details for you. Declare your desire in a spell or through feeling based visualization, and then let it go! Get out of your own way and let the Universe deliver your wish to you in perfect, divinely magical timing!

Wishing you many blessings for so many dreams come true!

Sirena Moon