Are you ever concerned about the negativity you will experience online? Are you perhaps worried about trolls passing through your virtual space, and ruining what was a perfectly good day?

Statistically, bullying and negative conduct are exceptionally high online, where anyone can be anonymous and there is little to no consequence for bad behavior.

As a witch, content creator, and someone who likes to enjoy my time online in relative peace, “cyber protection” is important to me.

I know many fellow content creators (and viewers for that matter) who have been cruelly attacked by anonymous “keyboard warriors”. Even though the size of my audience is reasonably large, and some of the topics I talk about are quite controversial, this rarely happens in my world.

I attribute the peace and ease of my online experiences to the magical protection I set around each of my virtual spaces.

Today I’m going to share one of my spells with you so that you can enjoy yourself while surfing the web and using social media, and not worry about trolls messing with your zen.

For this protection spell, you will need…

  • Your phone, laptop and/or desktop (all devices you access the internet with)
  • Salt
  • Black Candle (use white if you can’t find a black candle)
  • Sage (you can instead frankincense or incense of your choice)

The Online Protection Spell

1. Light your black candle. Your candle flame will help set the right magical mood. It will also absorb any negative energy released by the next step and transmute it.

2. Smoke cleanse each of your devices with sage. Do this by carefully wafting your devices through the smoke, or gently fanning the smoke over larger devices.
As you do this imagine all and any negativity leaving the spaces you use through those devices (e.g. Messenger, Insta, Text Message etc).

3. On the surface of a table (or desk, altar, floor etc.) draw a pentagram (five-sided star) with the salt. Hold your hands (or wand) above the salt pentagram to empower it. Say,

“This pentagram is a mark of protection.
With it I mark my boundary.”

4. Place your device on top of the salt. Now feel/visualize power and protection radiating from the pentagram up through your device. Take your time. See your device surrounded by a bubble of protection. My protection bubbles are usually blue, allow yours to be whatever it is.

5. In the air, trace a pentagram with your finger over the screen of your device. Say,

“No harm or ill-will shall pass to me through this space.
Negativity and low-vibrational energy will stay out.
Only love, growth and that which is for my highest good has permission to enter.
As I will, so mote it be!”

Allow your candle to burn all the way down. When it has, dispose of the remaining wax and salt.

Once you have done this spell you can and relax and enjoy your time online, knowing that you have magical boundaries set up that will repel any unwanted guests.


Owlvine xx

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