If you’re having trouble with negative or low vibrational energy in your home or workplace, then my dear, you need a pinch of Witch’s Salt!

Witch’s Salt can cleanse and clear any space, leaving it feeling fresh and renewed. This tried and true recipe blend will leave your space purified, while also drawing in good luck and success – whatever that means to you!

Your magical ingredients…


In magical practice, salt is a powerful cleanser. It is used to cleanse negativity, banish low vibrational energy, and even keep spirits at bay.


This rich spice empowers any magical work it is part of. It attracts success while forming a barrier of protection around a space. Cinnamon is a “warming” ingredient, which means it adds speed to magical work.


Fresh or dried, rosemary is a powerful herb for cleansing and protection. This herb is known to be a powerful guardian. It is often used to keep evil out of the home and bring good luck in relationships and family matters.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is a powerful ward against evil. It is used to drive back enemies from your home, or job.

Other Ingredients You Might Use Instead…

Black Pepper for protection against the evil eye or to keep away unwanted visitors.

Clove drives away negative forces, purifies and raises the vibration of an area.

Rue removes hexes or jinxes and when used will block and send back anything negative sent at you.

Thyme for cleansing and purification, this herb also helps to protect and increase wealth.

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How To Make Witch’s Salt

Step 1

Begin by gathering your chosen ingredients along with a bowl or container. First, you may like to create an air of magic and witchery for yourself. You can do this by lighting candles, burning incense, or playing appropriate music (perhaps a little Stevie Nicks?). Meditate for a little while to center your energy.

Step 2

One at a time, charge your ingredients to “wake them up”. Begin with salt, then add herbs, finishing with any oils you have chosen. I like to hold each dry ingredient in my hand so that it touches my skin, this gives me the greatest sense of connection to it. But you can put each ingredient into a separate bowl if you don’t want to touch it, then cup your hands on either side of the bowl and direct your energy into it.

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Step 3

To charge an item you can simply breathe gently on the ingredients and tell it what it is being used for in your magic.

For example…

“Salt, I bless and charge you with the energy of cleansing.
Clear any negative energy from my space.
Anything low vibrational, or not for my highest good must leave.
So it is.”
Or “Rosemary hear my prayer come to my aid.
Protect me from all negative forces,
and cleanse away any that are already here.
With your power draw good luck into my home.
Thank you.”

Step 4

Once each ingredient is charged, place it into the bowl. When all the ingredients are ready to spend a few minutes mixing them. This is your chance to further empower and enchant your Witch’s Salt with magic. Speak over them in your own words, or you can say the following chant (adapted from “The Book Of Crystal Spells”)…

“Uninvited and unwanted,
Let the source of ill be hunted.
Chased away with harm to none,
Leave this place my will be done.
Guard this home, clean and clear,
Bless all those who live and enter here.”

Step 5

Now sprinkle the Witch’s Salt around the perimeter of your home, or across doorways and window sills. You can also sprinkle a small amount into the corners of each room. Ideally, leave the Witch’s Salt where it is to do its work. If this isn’t possible, leave it for 24 hours and repeat once per week, or as needed.

Owlvine x

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