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We all have a mental image of a magic wand. From Disney movies to ancient lore, wands and spell casting go hand in hand. In real life, they’re actually common tools used by modern magickal practitioners like Wiccans and Pagans. Making a wand is a great way to begin to learn magick and witchcraft for spiritual growth. Most magick folks (modern witches spell magick with a “k” to distinguish the spiritual craft from stage magic) make their own wands and you can too. As your ability grows, so will your relationship with your wand, until before long a common stick is one of your more treasured possessions!

Wicca uses a set of basic magickal tools: the wand, the chalice, the athame, and the pentacle. Each represents one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The wand represents air in the most traditional Wiccan sense, but many use it to represent fire as well. Wicca is a new religion inspired by ancient ways and they inherited the idea of the wand from western esoteric sources, as well as naturally share it with shamanic traditions. Wands are free for all to make, regardless of tradition.

While you don’t technically need any tools but your own intuition and imagination to cast a spell, “bells and whistles” can become powerful allies as you build your craft. Witchcraft is all about mental focus, and tools are one way to develop focus. Witches who use wands swear by them, and even feel that they eventually gather their own magickal energy. A wand is simply a piece of wood, sometimes carved and sometimes a raw branch. It should be specially chosen and consecrated for its magickal task, but the process can be simple and powerful.

How to Make a Wand

This ritual is as easy as taking a walk in a park and paying close attention. Follow these steps and you will be the owner of your own wand!

  1. Go to a wooded hiking area for a meditative walk.
  2. As you set out down the trail, pause and say to yourself and the world around you:

 I’m ready to receive my magickal tool, a wand of my own. Blessed be.

  1. Walk with awareness of your surroundings, and keep your eye out for a branch that leaps out at you as very beautiful or extraordinary. It can be any size or kind of wood, but should fit comfortably in your hand.
  2. Pick up the branch or cut it. Be humble and grateful and make sure it won’t kill the tree if the branch is alive.
  3. Hold your branch up to the sky and say:

 My wand works magick, works healing, works good. With these words, I consecrate this wood.

  1. Thank the tree and the forest, and be on your magickal way. Keep your wand either on an altar or tucked away in a special place. You now own a wand! Feel free to dress it up later with carving, paint, or crystals.

Banish Negative Energy with a Wand

 Wands can be used for any magickal work. Start by clearing your space of negative energy. You’ll send out the old and bring in the new by setting a positive intention.

What you’ll need: Your wand

Step One: Begin

Stand in the center of the space you want to clear of negative energy. Take three deep breaths and feel yourself get calm and centered.

Step Two: Invoke

  • Point your wand to the North, saying: I invoke stability
  • Point your wand to the East, saying: I invoke inspiration
  • Point your wand to the South, saying: I invoke love
  • Point your wand to the West, saying: I invoke transformation

Step Three: Banish

Bend down and knock the bottom of the wand on the floor three times, saying:

 Positivity in, negativity out. I banish to renew, my work is done, without a doubt!

Step Four: End

Stand still in the center again and bring your wand and your palms to your heart. Give thanks and your ritual is done!

Love Drawing Candle… charged with a wand!

 In witchcraft, we never manipulate the will power of other people. Not only is it unethical, it will also make the spell go wrong! The instructions in step one will steer you free and clear of missteps, and still allow you to fulfil your desires.

What you’ll need: Your wand, a red or pink candle, some matches

Step One

Find a quiet time and light a candle.

If you are looking to attract a partner, choose a pink candle. Instead of attracting a specific person, you will concentrate on the kind of person you want to attract.

If you are looking to reignite passion, choose a red candle. Direct your intention towards yourself to inspire passion, rather towards than towards someone else to command it.

Step Two

Hold your wand in front of you with both hands, pointing at the candle. Gaze into the flame for a couple of minutes, breathing deeply.

Step Three

Using your imagination, feel the warmth of the fire transfer into your wand. Imagine the wood of the wand growing hot in your hands.

Step Four

Close your eyes and say this chant until the wand feels hot and you can imagine it glowing with a fiery light.

Glow bright, grow light, with every blessing, love ignite!

Glow bright, grow light, with every blessing, love ignite!

Glow bright, grow light, with every blessing, love ignite!

Step Five

Hold the wand up and imagine the white light energy flowing up quickly into the sky. When it feels discharged, say: So mote it be! 

Step Six

Blow out the candle. Continue to light it once a day until it burns down. Each time you light it, simply say, “So mote it be.”

 Love and Light,

 Raven Hinojosa, Simple Mystic Miracles Magickal Teacher


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