We can cast spells and perform rituals at any time during the month, it isn’t necessary to wait for the perfect moon phase. However, aligning our spells with a moon phase that has the right qualities can help to boost the energy of that spell, increasing our chance of success!

Read on to discover how each lunar phase will amplify your magic!

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Magic by Moon Phases

Dark Moon

In astrology, this occurs when the moon and sun are conjunct (in astrology ‘conjunct’ means two or more planets are seen in the same place as the sky). The Dark Moon lasts for just over a 24-hour period.

This is a time of reset, particularly in our professional life or in our relationships. Depending on our ‘emotional wellness’ at the time, this will be a period that feels energizing or draining. Overall it’s an excellent time to take stock, re-evaluate and make plans.

Some witches don’t cast spells on the Dark Moon, for others, it is their favorite time for workings. Magically it is a great time for divination. It is also used for banishing unhelpful habits, relationships, energies etc. Some witches use this time for spells related to completely removing something from their life for good, or for cleansing in preparation for the New Moon.

 New Moon

This phase of the moon technically includes the Dark Moon phase too, however many modern witches like to distinguish the two.

The New Moon is when we can just start to see a thin silver crescent return to the sky, which can be glimpsed until early evening. Most witches feel the energy of the New Moon lasts for 3 days.

This lunar energy supports new beginnings. Start new projects, relationships, jobs or habits at this time. Or harness the energy to restart endeavors which, for whatever reason, you haven’t quite managed to get underway.

Cast spells for anything new you wish to call into your life, or boost anything you are already manifesting.

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Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is when the moon appears to be getting larger. This period lasts from the New Moon until the Full Moon.

During this phase the energy supports us attracting, manifesting, constructing, or drawing things towards ourselves.

Magically this is the best time to cast for things you want in your life, or want more of. Areas such as spiritual growth, love, finance, career, job opportunities, increased creativity, or attracting positive attention in any way, can all benefit from Waxing Moon energy.

Full Moon

Astrologically the Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon are in opposition (astrologically, when two planets appear to sit on exact opposite sides of the sky to each other).

If there are emotional issues you are working through (or avoiding) this phase of the moon can feel very heavy. If your body seems to be asking for sleep or more rest at this time, then honor that.

Magically the Full Moon is the completion of a cycle. This is a great time for magic of any kind – both constructive (attraction) and destructive (removal). Being a time of full illumination it can also be good period for divination.

Most witches feel the Full Moon energy can be harnessed 3 days before the actual Full Moon, and 3 days afterwards.

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Waning Moon

The Waning Moon is when the moon appears to be getting smaller in size. The moon wanes from the day after the Full Moon until the Dark Moon.

Waning lunar energy lends power to magic focused on removal, or deconstruction. Spells during this time might be done for removing illness, bad habits, limiting beliefs, or for banishing negative energy. This is the perfect time to physically and energetically cleanse your home, or your mind and body.

Witches will also use this phase to do reversal work.

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If the astrological sign of Cancer is prominent in your chart, such as if you have Cancer Rising (particularly), or Cancer Moon, or Sun you may find including moon phases in your magic to be especially beneficial. Try it for yourself.

Happy casting!

Owlvine xx

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