Drinking magic. There are potions and elixirs that we can drink to heal us and support us in our endeavors. The original healing liquid is water. Great Spirit has made this elixir of life for all beings on earth to thrive.

Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, was instrumental in popularizing the notion that our thoughts impact the physical realm. Through Magnetic Resonance Analysis Technology, his research involved examining the molecular structure of water when exposed to sounds, thoughts, intentions and words. He proved that these factors do in fact have the power to both strengthen and disempower.

He posed the question: “If water is affected by words, intentions and energies, what effects do they have on us, we who are made of mostly water? If we can affect the water that makes up so much of our bodies, what else is possible?”

Powerful Elixirs

The fact is we can transform the waters we drink into powerful elixirs and we can also transform our thoughts.

Transforming any thoughts of powerlessness, self-hatred, or self-dismissal into the truth of how incredible we are, and how amazing our bodies are – brings power back into our hands and hearts. From here we can focus our energy into what we want and who we are becoming.

Negativity doesn’t help us. The ego attempts to convince us that negativity is reality. We are “too old, short, tall, young, too skinny or too fat” to make a difference. Negativity convinces us that we’re “too poor”, or that our wealth can’t be used in a certain way. Negativity convinces us that the staying stuck in a challenge is more real than moving through it.

The truth is you are extraordinary! You are powerful, and what you do matters. Who you are matters. When we transform our thoughts to these truths we are empowered to helps ourselves, and our human and animal communities.

We can use potions and elixirs to work on the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our life challenges. Journalist Helen Thompson reminds us that, “we can thank witches’ potions for helping cure our ailments, in the past and currently. It’s unlikely that most people prosecuted as witches during Shakespeare’s time and earlier in the Middle-Ages brewed potions for truly nefarious purposes. Instead, most potions probably contained intoxicants or folk remedies.

Witches’ brews were probably intended to cure ailments from the start. Many of the women and men tried as witches in Europe during the late Middle-Ages and the Renaissance practiced midwifery or medicine.” Witches potions were made as medicine.

CRYSTAL ELIXIRS (Crystal Infused Water)

You may have seen crystal water bottles on the market over recent years, but the notion that the energy of crystals can infuse water is not a new one. Crystal elixirs are powerful potions that can help you with a multitude of spells.

Before placing a crystal in your water, spend a few moments meditating on your magical intention. This programs the crystal so it knows what work to do for you.


1. COFFEE: A potion of luxury, gratitude and alertness.

There are many cafés and coffee shops about with lovely environments of luxury and deliciousness. Your own kitchen may be lovely. This luxury is embedded in the coffee. Wherever your cup of coffee is made take the time to drink in its magic. Before drinking it honor the workers that cultivated and made it. Say a thank you to the elements and the beans that created it. While drinking your coffee allow the gratitude, luxury and caffeine to nourish you.

2. Love Water

Place a rose quartz crystal in your water. You might want to add a rose hydrosol for extra love infusion.

Say, “My chalice is filled with water, rose hydrosol and rose quartz crystals. I drink in the elixir of love, I become the compassionate divine mother. I reach out and make a toast to you. Power Beautiful One, I honor you. May I continue to drink the magic of life.”

3. Abundance and Prosperity Potion

Place a piece of citrine or garnet stone in your water.

Say, “My chalice is filled with water and citrine crystals. I drink in the elixir of abundance and prosperity. I reach to you, the goddess of abundance, fortune, wealthand make a toast to you. Power Beautiful One, I honor you. May I continue to drink the magic of life.”

4. Body harmony, open to spirituality and immunity boost.

Place a clear quartz crystal in your water.

Say, “My chalice is filled with water and clear quartz crystals. I drink in the elixir of harmony and spirituality. I invite the energy of immunity to flow through me. I am the Power Beautiful One, I honor you. May I continue to drink the magic of life.”

Blessed Be!

By Veronica Schultz

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