The Freezer Spell…

A freezer spell works to remove the influence someone has over your life. It is used to stop someone’s actions or speech against you. It can also be employed to halt a situation, or negative circumstance you are experiencing.

Most often this magic is cast to stop gossip. It may also be used when a person keeps pestering you in some way… such as constantly calling, meddling in your affairs, or dropping by when you would rather they wouldn’t (often the culprits are mother-in-law’s!). In more serious cases it can be employed to assist in halting injustice being committed against you.

Freezer spells are some of the most effective, simple and popular spells today. I know many people who aren’t practicing witches that have used this neat little trick, and you can too!

There are many variations of this spell that are used throughout different magical traditions and cultures. But all that is needed for the most basic form of this spell is…

  • Some kind of plastic container or bottle
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • Water

That’s it!

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girl who is struggling with toxic people

To “put someone in the freezer” follow these simple steps…

1. On the paper write the person’s full name and date of birth. If you don’t know that information, then write a description of them in as much detail as you can. For example…

“The guy who drives the red truck that lives at [address].”
“Jan from the 5th floor at work, who sits by the water cooler and is friends with Michelle.”

2. Now fold the paper away from you three times (so that the crease of the paper is facing you), as you do say what it is you want. For example…

“Stop talking about me.”
“You will not come over uninvited anymore.”

3. Place the paper in the container and fill it with water, leaving some space for the water to expand into as it freezes.
Push the paper under the surface with a knife or fork until it becomes waterlogged to make sure it doesn’t just float on top when freezing. You want the paper to be fully immersed in the ice.

4. Chuck it in the freezer and watch how effective this magic is!

Make sure you leave this spell in your freezer for a good length of time. Most witches keep their spells in the freezer for at least a year to make sure the result lasts.

If at any point you want to stop the effects of your spell, simply take it out of the freezer.

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How To Boost Your Freezer Spell

To boost your freezer spell, I do recommend adding a few other magical ingredients to the mix if you can, this would be done during Step 3. This will add a powerful kick to your working and really get things moving along.

Here is a list of intentions with some ingredient ideas listed beside each one. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you should be able to find something here to add a greater boost to your spell…

Halt gossip – cloves, slippery elm bark, chia seeds, alum, lemon

Stop calling me – lemon verbena, five-finger grass, clover leaves or flowers

Keep away unwanted visitors – salt, black pepper, straw from a broom

Keep the law away – fennel seeds, oregano, black mustard seeds, red brick dust

Remove someone from my life – chili, cayenne pepper, thorns

Stop negative magic – bay leaf, star anise, asafoetida, rue

By Owlvine xx

What negative behaviors do you want to put a stop to? Let us know in the comments below! 


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