One of the most popular forms of magic today is Candle Magic. This is partially because using candles in a spiritual way (for prayers and the like) is accepted by most religions, and magic is practiced by people of all faiths. It is also simple, often works quickly, and is an incredibly effective form of magic.

These days’ candles are available in every color you can think of! And when we use these colors in our spells we supercharge our results. This is because each color has its own unique ‘vibration’ and power. The energy they add to our work focuses our magical intent, and manifests our desire more effectively.

Down below you will find a guide, outlining how to cast your own powerful Candle Magic spell. This guide has been created so that you can follow along step by step, and cast a spell for any need you may have.

To begin, choose a candle color that matches a desire in your life…


All-purpose (you can use white for any kind of magic), lunar or moon spells, blessing, healing, cleansing, contacting ancestors or other spirits.


Protection, cleansing or banishing, repelling, dark moon spells, healing physical or mental exhaustion, used in grieving rituals.


Justice and court case spells, grounding, earth magic, healing vertigo and disorientation, practical and material blessings.


Inspiration, inner peace, mental clarity, communication, prosperity, healing stomach issues, to gain academic or study assistance.


Creativity, alleviating stress, empowerment, success, leadership, self-expression, healing breathing issues, drawing attention.


Passion, energy, love, lust, commanding attention, victory, seduction, healing blood disorders or sexual dysfunction.


Prosperity, growth, good luck, business success, fertility, healing the heart or high blood pressure.


Healing of all kinds, peace, potent protection, harmony, trust and honesty, psychic development.


Empowerment, psychic ability, higher consciousness, mastery, protection, connection, power, compelling.


Friendship, romance, love, emotional healing, family, compassion, nurturing, affection, used when doing spells for children.

Your All-Purpose Candle Magic Spell Guide

  • Candle
  • Olive Oil (to add potency to your spell)
  • Pin, skewer or something to carve your candle with.

Step 1

Cleanse the energy of your chosen candle. You can cleanse your candle using…

  • Smoke (burn sage, other herbs, or incense)
  • Water (splash with moon, rain or blessed water, or run your candle under a tap)
  • Salt (lay your candle in a bowl of salt for 1-3 hours before use)

Step 2

Now carve your intention onto the candle. Write something like, “I draw [creativity] to me” or, “I banish [this headache]”.

Step 3

Tip a small amount of olive oil into your palm. Rub your hands together vigorously for a moment and clap once or twice. This will “wake up” the oil for magical use.

Step 4

If you are drawing something into your life, then rub the oil on the candle beginning at the base and moving upwards.
If you are removing or banishing something from your life, rub the oil on the candle beginning at the tip and moving down towards the base.

Step 5

Stand your candle up and light it. Hold your hands a few inches to either side, palms facing the candle.

Step 6

Picture your intention. What does it look like to have this thing you want?

Speak your desire out loud. Imagine what it will be like when your spell works, how does that feel?“Push” all of that energy through your hands into the candle. Take your time. Really focus on what you want.

Step 7

When your candle has finished burning…

  •  If your spell is to draw something to you bury the remnants of your spell in your yard or in a pretty park. Or collect the wax and keep it in a small drawstring bag (ideally of the same color) until your desire has manifested.
  • If your spell is to remove something from your life then throw the wax remnants in the trash.


Owlvine xx

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