Ceremony is always a powerful way to shift energy. It engages the body, mind, heart and spirit. When you engage all parts of yourself you align with your intention and come into full agreement with your desire.

One of my favorite techniques to clear old, stagnant energies is a burning ceremony. This simple ceremony will unbind any blockages so you can move forward with ease.

PinAll you need is a sheet of paper, an ink pen, a fireproof bowl and a lighter.

Write down all the junk you want to let go of…all the pain, blocks, and heartache from the past year. Put anything on your list. If you’re ready to let it go then write it down!

When you’re finished writing out your list read through it. Acknowledge each item on the list. Declare that you are releasing the tolerations and cords that bind you. Feel a sense of gratitude as you say your goodbyes. Then light the sheet of paper and place it in the fireproof dish.

Let your list burn in the fireproof dish until only ash remains. Feel the weight of the old and misaligned energies being lifted from you. Feel the atmosphere about you being transformed. Imagine yourself like a phoenix renewed in the ash and soot of your old self.

PinFire is tenacious and transformative. It quickly clears a path and leaves behind fertile space for new life to grow. Let the ashes of whatever you’re leaving behind become the fertile ground for your new intentions.

You might do this ceremony on a monthly basis. The waning moon phase is a wonderful time to release stuck energies and set change into motion. You might try this after a negative or trying experience, or whenever you feel called to release something!