There is a sacred architecture that underlies everything in the Universe, consisting of repetitive shapes and structures that are woven into all of creation. These shapes and patterns are referred to as Sacred Geometry, and they exist in all living things.

Sacred Geometry can be observed in all of nature, including plants. As we will soon see, by combining Sacred Geometry with the magical properties of herbs, we can enhance healing and amplify our connection to the Universe.

Sacred Geometric Shapes

1. Triangle: The Triangle is a symbol that underlies all of the building blocks of Sacred Geometry. Triangles symbolize higher consciousness, as the shape rises to an upward point.

2. Circle: The Circle represents wholeness, oneness, perfection, boundaries and cycles of change.

3. Square: The Square represents stability, foundations, grounding, safety and practical, ‘earthly’, structure.

4. Spiral: The Spiral represents higher consciousness and can be seen at all levels of the Universe. The spiral is the shape of the double helix in the DNA of each cell, and galaxies are in spirals of energy. Like the saying, “As above so below”, the spiral shape is observed high in the heavens and deep within the smallest particles of our bodies.

5. Pyramid: The Pyramid contains within it the shapes of the spiral, triangle and the square. The body of the pyramid represents humanity and our upward spiraling journey toward enlightenment. The top of the pyramid represents spiritual attainment.

6. Flower of Life: The Flower of Life is a representation of the connection with all living things in the universe, and is said to contain within it the ‘blue print of creation’. The Flower of Life represents the building blocks at the core of the architecture of the universe, as it holds within it the basic design of every atomic and molecular structure in existence.

7. Star of David: The Star of David is a 6 pointed star made up of two triangles. The upward triangle represents the feminine, the downward represents the masculine, and the two merging in the star represent perfect harmony.

8. Merkabah: The Merkabah is considered a highly sacred shape. Consisting of interlocking triangles, it holds within it shape all other symbols in Sacred Geometry.

Magical Herbs and Sacred Geometry

Given your newfound knowledge of the 8 most powerful sacred shapes, it won’t be difficult to understand that plants which embrace these shapes hold extra potency. Herbs and spices are already known for their healing abilities but when you combine this with Sacred Geometry, a whole new world of magickal properties opens up. Below are just a few of the many magical herbs that display Sacred Geometry, and how to use them to enhance your health and divination practice.

Star Anise

Star Anise is a stunning example of the Flower of Life and Star of David shape. This beautiful and highly mystical herb is a favorite of many witches, as it enhances intuition and spiritual connection.

A wonderful way to enhance your intuitive abilities is to burn Star Anise as incense during your spell work. Simply place the Star Anise in your hand and notice its shape. Feel the harmonic energy of The Star of David it exudes. Deepen your intuition by burning your Star Anise as you begin your spell.


Chamomile is a wonderful representation of the Circle and Flower of Life shapes. Enhance the healing, calming and protective properties of this herb by combining it with the qualities of its sacred shapes.

To do this, simply sprinkle it in a circle around you during a spell, or around the perimeter of your home for a protective boundary. For health benefits, drink it mindfully as a tea, as you connect with the energy of the Flower of Life it holds within it.


Oregano leaves display the sacred shape of the Triangle. Oregano enhances joy, love and healing, and the triangle represents connection to higher consciousness. Place a planted pot of Oregano around your home to increase the energy of happiness and spiritual connection within it!

Pine Cone

Pine cones are a beautiful representation of the Sacred Spiral. Both the Pine Cone and the Spiral represent spiritual consciousness and enlightenment. Hang a Pine Cone over your bed to have enhanced dreams and better sleep. Meditate with a Pine Cone, burn a piece as incense or place a Pine Cone on your altar, to elevate your connection to spirit and the magical Universe.

Sacred Geometric patterns can be seen in all of nature. Next time you use herbs for cooking or magic, enhance their power even more by noticing their sacred patterns and energy makeup. Your life will fill with even more magic!

With Love,

Sirena Moon

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