Have you had a special resonance with a certain type of animal throughout your life? Do you find yourself gravitating toward certain animal symbols, or do you often see a specific kind of animal in your dreams?

If so, it just may be your Spirit Animal!

A Spirit Animal is an animal guardian, who is in spirit form. Just as we all have spirit guides and Angels, everyone has at least one Spirit Animal, who helps to guide and protect you throughout your life.

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Your Spirit Animal is an animal that embodies characteristics you find particularly inspiring or healing in your life.  When you know your Spirit Animal, you can work to embody the qualities you most admire about them into your own personality.

You can also go to your Spirit Animal for guidance. In so many ways, your Spirit Animal can lead you through life’s toughest terrains. That is once you know who they are, and how to “call on” them for guidance and protection.

So how do you find your Spirit Animal? The easiest way is to notice if you’ve always felt drawn to a specific animal throughout your life. Have you noticed a repeating pattern in your life with an animal? Maybe you’ve had repetitive dreams about the same animal, for instance, or maybe everyone seemed to buy you the same type of stuffed animal as a child?

My brother, for instance, used to love stuffed animal monkeys when he was little. He had a very special resonance with monkeys, and, of course, he used to love to climb trees! As a grown man, he realized his Spirit Animal had always been the Monkey. He now goes to his “Spirit Monkey” for guidance, and it reminds him to laugh, play, and to always remain a child at heart!

I myself have always loved black cats. I was born with a black cat as the family pet, and I have always felt so drawn to them. When I was a teenager, one night I had a profound dream of a big, beautiful black Panther. I realized then that my spirit animal was not the cat, but the Panther (the biggest of the black cats!).

I used to have quite a shy and reserved personality, but my Panther guide has taught me to speak out, to roar if I need to, and to live as fearlessly as possible! I look to my Spirit Panther anytime I need a reminder of my own power. I am so grateful for my relationship with my Spirit Panther!

If you have not had a particular resonance with a specific animal in your life, no worries, there are many ways to find your Spirit Animal!

One great way to discover your Spirit Animal is to do this simple meditation!


Find your Spirit Animal Meditation

1. Find a quiet and comfortable space.

2. Close your eyes. Begin to relax and quiet your mind.

3. Breathe deeply and slowly. If any thoughts come into your mind, let them drift away like clouds in a clear blue sky.

4. Once your mind is completely still and empty, ask (silently with thought) that your spirit animal reveals itself to you.

5. Be patient, and watch to see which animal comes forward into view. Be receptive and free of preconceptions. It may or may not be the animal you were anticipating. Once you see the animal, watch it carefully to see what it does. Does it reveal a message to you? Open your spiritual ears to receive any and all messages.

6. Allow yourself to be with your animal. How do you feel in their presence? Take some time here. When the image fades and you are ready to stop, open your eyes.

7. Immediately afterward, write or draw what you saw and experienced in a journal.

Once you know your Spirit Animal, invite their energy into your life. Place a sacred symbol of your animal on your altar, or in a special place and regularly work to develop a relationship with this Spirit.

Invite their energy to be by your side for protection, and “listen” for the guidance they will offer you. Your Spirit Animal’s guidance will often come as imagery in dreams, or as flashes of insight.

Get to know the unique energy of your special Spirit Animal, and revel as they work their sacred magic in all aspects of your life!

All my love,

Sirena Moon