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Money is energy.

That’s why prosperity magick is some of the most effective magick you can do. The key to money magick is to back up your spellcasting with your attitude. Spells are wishes that are supercharged with energy that connects you to the universe. Send your witchy wishes out there, AND make sure there is an attractive place for all that money and opportunity to land. That is the secret to money magick that really WORKS.

Money is something that every one of us has a lot of ideas and feelings around – some of them negative or limiting. How you make it and what you do with it ties into everything important, from your self worth to your core values. Money magick allows us to take all that energy swirling around and put it to good use! It’s time to remake ourselves into magnets for wealth opportunity.

Money IS power.

The power to take control of your life, to help make the world a better place, and to find peace of mind. In the magickal world-view, money is an energetic force. The first step to harnessing that force is to examine the way you think about it.

Abundance is a State of Mind

Everyone has a script about money. Some of it comes from culture, some from personal experience, and a lot of it comes from our family of origin. For some people, the script is full of limiting beliefs. For others, money has an outsized place that steals the nurturing roles of relationships and enjoyment of life. Examining and shifting the way you think and speak about money is the first solid step towards becoming a money magnet.


Balancing Your Beliefs

Limiting beliefs translate as negative beliefs when they are put out in the universe. If you feel repelled by riches, chances are, riches will be repelled away from you!

By shifting your approach just slightly, you can stay true to yourself and transform from a negative to a positive money magnet. On the flip side, an attitude that gives money too much of your personal power isn’t going to help either. Too find the right kind of resources and keep them, you’ll have to keep the awesome power of money in alignment with your heart and soul.

Each of these common quotations have been reframed in a way that welcomes more wealth.

  • More money, more problems.
    • With a nice amount of money, I will have so much more freedom and ease in the world.
  • People with money are jerks/greedy/unhappy.
    • People with money are just like everyone else, and a lot of them do a lot of good.
  • I’d rather do what I love than make a lot of money.
    • I will do what I love AND make a lot money.
  • I’m really not that skilled or talented.
    • The world needs my totally unique gifts, and they are valuable.
  • If I had money, my whole life would be solved.
    • If I had money, I would have more of everything to put into happy relationships and a happy life.

Moo-lah Manifesting Seven Day Candle Spell

The soul of this spell is specificity. Start by defining your goals, and be sure to be clear about the way you want to receive them. Whether you have a business to expand or you’re not sure how the money will arrive, you want to make sure it comes in a way that will bring blessings to everyone along the way.

  1. Think of how much you want to increase your income in the next three months. Say, “For the benefit of all” and write down the number on a slip of paper.
  2. Add all the numbers together. For example, if you want an $11,000 increase, your number would be 2.
  3. Flip the paper over and write the resulting number. Place paper, small number side up, under a green candle.
  4. Light the candle every morning as you get ready for your day, for 7 days. Repeat as necessary!

 Richy-Rich Glamour Charm

In magick, like attracts like. In this case, if you want to be rich, feel rich first. This charm will influence the perception of you and everyone who sees you. Cast a “glamour” on yourself that projects ease, confidence, and affluence, and the opportunities to make it real will soon appear.

  • Cup a favorite piece of jewelry in both hands, and hold it in front of your stomach close to the ribs (the third chakra.) Visualize yourself with as much money as you wish and how you will feel.
  • Lay the jewelry in the sun, from dawn to dusk.
  • Wear it out that evening, and feel the glamour radiate around you and into your future!

Boomerang Multiplying Money Spell

This simple spell will infuse your entire day with money magick, changing the essential flow of prosperity in your life. It is simple, direct, and completely free of extra tools and supplies. All you have to do is remember to do it!

Every time you use your debit or credit card, take a few seconds and say these words. You can recite them in your head while you stand in line, or pause a moment before you hit the “buy it now” button online.

As I share my wealth with thee, ten times over return to me. So mote it be!

Many Magickal Blessings!

 Raven Hinojosa

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