Witches have always walked among us. With their magical powers and steaming potions, they brewed their way to populate societies and storyscapes across the globe for centuries.

From the viciously seductive Circe of the Odyssey to the buck-toothed, backcombed Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus; Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem to Marie Laveau, the High Priestess of Voodoo, —the witch has long existed in the tales we tell about women with strange powers that can harm or heal.


Throughout centuries, the overarching image of the witch in fairy tales and in folklore is of a malicious and sinister crone. An old, wicked, deformed woman with filthy unkempt hair, adorned in rags and isolated from the society to live in the woods.

Over the last few years, the old misconceptions of spooky satanic worship and cult-like covens are also being rebuked by an army of young influencers finding solace and meaning in magick.

They’re a legion of young people seeking to make the art of witchcraft more approachable for those looking to dabble in the odd potion, divination, and spellwork. Yes! The world of magick is opening up online!

Witchcraft centers around reverence and kinship with nature. Witches believe that the earth is a divine manifestation, and that all of nature constantly speaks to us, if only we will listen. Their temples are the forest, beaches, deserts, and gardens. They believe that when we lose touch with our blessed planet, they lose touch with all that is divine.

Witches of all types are sharing this wisdom on Instagram, and it’s time we all take note. These accounts share a range of magical offerings—from recipes for herbal remedies to hauntingly beautiful photography. Each, in its own way, reminds us that there’s more to this filtered life than meets the eye.

These 11 witchy Instagrammers who break the old crone mold are some of our favorites, and we hope they add a little magick to your feed.

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1. Bri Luna – @thehoodwitch


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A post shared by The Hoodwitch® (@thehoodwitch) on

Bri Luna, The Hoodwitch, provides “everyday magic for the modern mystic”. Her inspiration came from the curanderas and the wise women of the neighborhood botanicas she grew up in.

Since launching in 2014, Luna has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, becoming a respected authority in the magickal space.

Her knowledge in metaphysics, folk medicine, and wellness allows her to manifest her purpose in life—to share, uplift, and spread love to the world around her.

The Hoodwitch delivers a heady mix of Tarot card knowledge, mystical visuals, self-care wisdom, and some serious #bigwitchenergy. Not to mention extraordinary nail art. Famous for her “stiletto-shaped nails holding massive crystals” aesthetic, she inspired a collab with indie nail polish brand Floss Gloss in 2015.

In 2019, Smashbox teamed up The Hoodwitch on the seven-product Crystalized make-up collection that includes crystal-infused and charged products such as primer water, liquid eyeshadow, primer/moisturizer, lip gloss, shimmer drops, highlighter, and an eyeshadow palette.

Why should you follow:
You believe that there’s no contradiction between practicing magic and being fiercely passionate about beauty—beauty and magick have always complemented each other. In many ways, the ritual of a spell is parallel to the act of a beauty routine: steps are performed and repeated with care and attention to bring about beauty, positivity, and a loving sense of self.

2. Shawn Engel – @WitchyWisdoms


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A post shared by Shawn Engel | Business Witch (@witchywisdoms) on

Shawn Engel has been a full-time witch since her discovery of the light of witchcraft in the dark corner of a bookstore as a tween and for years used Tarot and holistic healing remedies to help her cope with mental health issues.

Now, she shares her herbal wellness recipes and Tarot know-how with her 25,000 followers.

Widely known on Instagram as a “Spiritual Entrepreneur”, Shawn also navigates ‘the world of entrepreneurship through the eyes of a witch’, believing that her life’s purpose is to help others with the strength of her intuition and ability to attract open doors.

Primarily, she works with entrepreneurs to help them solidify their brand and land features for exposure, but she continues to work as an abundance coach, helping women find their spirituality and build a firm foundation of gratitude on which to manifest from.

She has worked with thousands of women by performing Tarot readings, leading spellwork and rituals, teaching manifestation lessons, and providing business strategies and mindset work.

Why should you follow:
You’re unable to switch off the negative voice in your head, so you struggle to see exactly how abundant the world actually is.

Shawn’s witchy wisdom can help you have an evolved relationship with abundance that allows you to manifest with ease. She can show you, step by step, how to shift your focus to intentional and long-lasting gratitude that is not reactive and will open your heart, expand your wealth, create more time and freedom for you to enjoy life.

3. Bakara Winter – @BakaraW


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A post shared by bakara wintner (@bakaraw) on

The North Carolina-based witch with a septum piercing, fiery opinions, and more than 18,000 followers is a cosmic mapmaker. Bakara Winter helps people reflect on the experience they are having at any moment, and from there, lead them to delve deeper into that experience and outline courses of action that will serve their highest and best interests.

She came across her first Tarot card deck at the age of 21, when she was working as a publishing assistant in New York City. Bakara is now a practicing Tarot card reader and healer as well as the owner of Everyday Magic, a metaphysical supply store in Durham which offers goods created by witches from around the world.

Why should you follow:
You want a  fresh, accessible, and cheeky guide to the magick of the Major and Minor Arcana with shamanic wisdom and girl boss wit, illuminating their meaning with thoughtful anecdotes and analogies that reveal how deeply rooted these symbols already are in your everyday life.

4. Valeria Ruelas – @themexicanwitch


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A post shared by Valeria Ruelas (@themexicanwitch) on

Valeria Ruelas is a witch who came from a long line of brujas from New Orleans.

Her Instagram posts featuring horoscopes, Tarot forecasts, and intuitive guidance videos have garnered more than 37,000 followers over the last few years.

She’s also an outspoken queer brujix and advocates for the LGBT+ community within and outside of the brujix community.

A devotee of La Santisima Muerte, Valeria spends a lot of time debunking the spooky myths we’ve heard about the deity.

Her Tarot readings are a great way to check-in with your spiritual guides to consult about your energy or any pressing questions you may have. She also features predictions through information received from other realms in which spiritual guides reside. You’ll get lots of inspiration and probably feel personally attacked by her accuracy at times.

Why should you follow:
You want to learn how to connect with your spirit guides—nonphysical beings assigned to help your soul attain its greatest potential on Earth.

Live without your spirit guides and you miss out on an enormous support system that could make your life infinitely easier and more enjoyable.

5. Eadig – @witchyeadig


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A post shared by Eadig (@witchyeadig) on

Eadig (pronounced “ay-ah-dee”) is a witch who specializes in Cult Symbology, or the knowledge and art of ancient symbols and ciphers—runes, sigils, geomancy, sacred geometry to name a few.

She uses her platform to curate books for understanding paganism and ancient magickal symbolism, reactions to witchy trends, as well as tips that one should know about witchcraft before even becoming a witch.

Why should you follow:
You have a burning question about witchcraft that you can’t ask anyone in fear of being ostracized or mocked.

Or, you are a witch in the broom closet who carefully tucks your pentacle inside your shirt before entering the workroom because you lack the conviction to come out in this time of widespread hate and discrimination.


6. Anjou – @lightofanjou



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A post shared by ????Anjou (@lightofanjou) on

Anjou is a hedge witch toiling in ritual candles, potions, oils, mystical art, divination, and magical tools.

She began her journey with a love potion at the age of sixteen and have continued her craft on a small homestead in the rolling hills of central Maine.

Anjou draws upon the power of the moon phases and the flux of elements to craft powerful tools to help you in your witching journey. From psychic dream pillows to hand-painted cauldron candles, curio art to ritual oils and herbal potions, Light of Anjou is in and of itself a cabinet of curiosities.

Not only does her feed feature handcrafted products available for purchase, but it’s also full of art, personal reflections, and recommended rituals.

Why should you follow:
You’re new to witchcraft and want to experience many facets of it, so you want to find yourself tangled in a web of Victorian Gothic romance, the mystery of the occult, and the magic in the deep, dark forest where the will-o-whisps dwell.

7.  Jessi Huntenburg – @jessi_huntenburg


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A post shared by Jessi Huntenburg (@jessi_huntenburg) on

Jessi Huntenburg is a Tarot reader, meditator, and crafter, who is the Grand High Witch of the Wise Ones Coven—an online gathering of witches where they can explore different magickal themes each month to help deepen their craft and walk the spiritual path with like-minded souls.

With over six years of active experience in crafting and casting spells, Jessi is also the  High Priestess of the Spell Bound Academy where she guides aspiring witches on a magickal journey of empowerment and self-discovery through Lunar Alchemy and Spell Mapping.

As a self-described “Maker of Magickal Systems that Liberate, Empower, and Heal”, Jessi invites her followers to confront their money shadows, move through fear and pain, and speak their worth to self and the Cosmos.

Why should you follow:
You want to cultivate a magickal resource that offers guided meditations, written rituals, and divinations that will give you the insight you need to process, heal, and channel your badass witch within.


8. Marysia Miernowska – @marysia_miernowska


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A post shared by Marysia Miernowska (@marysia_miernowska) on

Southern California-based herbalist Marysia Miernowska runs the Gaia School of Healing, which offers herbal apprenticeships alongside its beautiful Instagram account, which she describes as a space for teaching and practicing herbalism, plant spirit healing, wise woman tradition, earth magic, foraging, biodynamic gardening, and sacred plant botanicals.

Through her posts, she shares her devotion to feeding the regenerative currents that exist in Nature so we do not go against the natural tide of life.

Using plants, seasons, and cycles as her tools, she taps into the potent Earth Magick of life, death, renewal, and rebirth.

Why should you follow:
You want to learn the ways of growing medicine, harvesting from the wild, or home garden, processing plants, and making remedies—all in harmony with the seasons. Each season opens a portal of magick that allows you to harvest the literal and spiritual gifts the Earth is offering at that time.

9. Rose Dumaine – @harvestrosewitchery

You believe that real medicine is sensual, embodied, and emerges naturally when you are in a relationship with the world around you. ​This undeniable sense of belonging to and being intimate with the wild, both within and without, is what will heal the world.

Rose Dumaine has been a practicing witch for over ten years and currently works with clients all over the world, offering readings, spellwork, and spiritual coaching and counseling.

Rose uses her abilities to help clients with all varieties of situations and manifest their goals into reality. She also offers courses to share her wisdom and experience with others so that they can create their own magic as well.

Through her Instagram, Harvest Rose Witchery, she finds like-minded witches to help them to feel less alone, as witches can often feel like outcasts who don’t belong to other groups.

As a highly intuitive psychic, Rose utilizes a variety of methods such as Tarot and Oracle Decks, Pendulums, Runes and her ability to see “flashes” of the past, present, and future to post what her followers need to know in order to move forward with their lives in the best possible manner.

Why should you follow:
You’re a spiritual person who wants to learn how to affect the changes you want to see or a baby witch who needs to enhance your magickal practices, such as protection and shielding, basic herbalism, connecting with spirits and deities, basic spell crafting, candle magic, divination, and more.

10. Chiquita Brujita – @chiquitabrujita


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A post shared by ???? Chiquita Brujita ???? (@chiquitabrujita) on

Brooklyn-based fortune teller, performance artist, and conjurer of fiestas Chiquita Brujita is a third-generation Nuyorican bruja.

She identifies as a Divine Feminine that can always channel a spirit of creation despite immediate circumstances.

Best known for her events and eponymous line of prayer candles, she began telling Loteria fortunes as a part of what was supposed to be “dique” (an uncertain expectation) one day of performance art on Good Friday in 2015.

The Boricua’s Instagram is a revolutionary, feel-good, spiritual experience, with posts about liberation, dance—particularly the Afro-Puerto Rican bomba—as resistance and love, and her stunning self-made candles.

Why should you follow:
You’re interested in incorporating esoteric ideas into your somatic practice. Dancing in magick is a unique way to get in touch with the universe and your body. By dancing, you can make physical offerings to deities or spirits, raise and channel energy, clear chakras.  Dancing in ritual is an excellent way to get in touch with my witchy wild side.

11. Michael Cardenas – @oldeways


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A post shared by O L D E W A Y S (@oldeways) on

Ask anybody to name a witch and the first name out of their mouth is bound to be a woman’s one. The space has been so dominantly female-led for the best part of 500 years that it’s surprising any dude has been operating in those circles at all.

But despite being almost non-existent in popular culture, there are many men who identify as witches. One of them is Michael Cardenas, a professional brujo and the owner of Olde Ways Apothecary.

An initiated witch with two decades of experience specializing in spellwork, Michael is well versed in the syncretic religion of Espiritismo, an Afro-Latino branch of witchcraft that he inherited from his grandmother, who was his idol growing up.

His feed boasts of mystical information, magical services, and apothecary goods, but mostly spellwork such as Love Uncrossing Spells, Commanding Love Spells, and Commitment Spells.

Michael also has one of the most beautifully decorated altars on Instagram, which is usually inspired by the season, the deities and spirits that are communicating with him, and what type of work is going to be required of him at a given time.

Why should you follow:
You’re a hopeless romantic who wants to know of a potent spell that can bring a lover back, mend a breakup, or reignite the flame in a lover who has become distant or cold.

Or, you’re an apprentice witch who wants to learn about spiritual cleansing, psychic protection, and psychic development before moving on to any other type of magick or ritual to develop your natural intuitive abilities and put you in contact with your spirit guides and ancestors so that you can navigate the spirit world with confidence and skill.


Luckily many of the myths and clichés are starting to die off with the accessibility of social media.

Far from the old crone mode, today’s witchfluencers are fierce, fly, and fun—breaking stereotypes, as well as boundaries. Through Instagram, they inspire us with their energetic readings and their musings about life and love. But more importantly, they teach us to embrace, heal, or even radically change things about ourselves through their work.

Did we overlook your favorite Insta witch? Tell us about them, and share their IG link in the comments!

Magick Blessings!

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