butterfly meaningPinIn spring and summer, it’s not uncommon to see butterflies fluttering about. These beautiful creatures are always fun to watch—but did you know they can also hold great spiritual significance?

To start, the butterfly’s life cycle can serve as a symbol for the spiritual journey each of us experiences. Butterflies, of course, begin their lives as caterpillars, with all their potential for beauty still ahead of them. Then they wrap themselves into their cocoons, just as we wrap ourselves in prayer, meditation and spiritual study. When they emerge, they appear as entirely renewed beings of beauty and grace.

Any time you come across a butterfly can be an opportunity to reflect on the metaphor. But if you are seeing an exceptional number of butterflies, see them in your dreams, or see them in unusual contexts, it’s possible something bigger is happening. Someone may be sending you a message.

Butterflies As Power Animals

Many native cultures with a spiritual emphasis on the Earth believed animals brought with them messages from the spirit world. In this context, an animal’s message for us is reflected in its nature.

As a power animal, butterflies represent the universe’s magic, and are considered very good omens. Butterflies can represent a number of positive tidings including rebirth, transformation, creativity, potential, joy and ascension. They can also be a reminder to take time to enjoy life’s great wonder.

If you are experiencing or contemplating great change in your life, this may be your butterfly’s significance.

butterfly angelsPinButterflies As Angels’ Messengers

It’s also possible that your butterflies are being sent to you by an angel.

Angels (and also fairies) often send butterflies as a way to remind us of their presence in the physical realm. Butterflies are good for this role as messenger because they tend to capture our attention and have such positive associations.

If you think an angel may be sending your butterflies, consider: How do you feel when you come across your butterflies? If you have any flutters of feelings, thoughts or senses in these encounters, listen to them.

Butterflies As Messages From The Deceased

Butterflies can also be sent by a loved one who has passed away.

A spirit might send you a butterfly to remind you that they are still with you from the other side, or to reassure you that their spirit lives on. A deceased spirit might also put some of their soul essence right into a butterfly as a way to be near you physically.

Have you been thinking about someone who has passed away recently? Does the butterfly prompt inexplicable associations with a deceased love one? Trust your feelings.

butterfly meaningsPinHow Do I Know Which Meaning My Butterfly Is Sending?

No one else can determine your butterfly’s message for you—only you can know your truth.

To understand what your butterflies are telling you, reflect on what you’re doing when they appear, and what’s been going on in your life lately. Did a loved one recently pass away? Are you considering a major life change? Perhaps you’ve been stressed about something at work and gotten too caught up in it to remember life’s joy.

Trust your intuition. Whatever the meaning, with reflection and this information to guide you, you’re sure to find your way to it.