Love And Lucky Numbers

As you have already seen, numerology can be used to gain understanding and insight into your own personality as well as the personalities of others. You can use this knowledge to get a better idea of what kind of person a potential companion may be, and thereby develop stronger relationships with compatible people. Relationships formed in this way are more likely to be more loving and supportive than those formed with people whose numbers are by nature incompatible with yours.

If you’re already in a relationship that is not numerologically ideal, don’t despair - the information you can learn through numerology will enable you to identify potential challenges and be prepared with alternative strategies that will help to defuse a great majority of negative situations. When this knowledge is combined with a willingness by both people to make the relationship work, a positive outcome is assured.

The first key to evaluating relationship compatibility is to find the Life Path numbers of you and your potential partner. If you need a reminder on how to do this, refer back to the chapter entitled, “CORE NUMBER #1 - YOUR LIFE PATH NUMBER.” Once you have these numbers, read the
description that goes with each.

The next step is to combine the two Life Path numbers by adding them together. The result of this is called The Lovers’ Number, and represents in effect the Life Path number of a couple’s relationship.

For example, if you have a Life Path number of 3 and your partner’s Life Path number is 5, you would add these two numbers together to get Lover’s Number for the relationship’s Life Path number, which in this case is 8.

Since this number is the combined total of each person’s most important Core Number, it provides an indication of the path your relationship will follow. The influence of the combined Core Number may take a while to be seen in a new relationship, but it will become more apparent as time goes on.

Being aware of the attributes and qualities of the Lovers’ Number allows you to synchronize your efforts, thereby cultivating harmony and a cooperative spirit in your relationship.

As you can see below, there are several combinations that can create a particular Lovers’ Number. Some of these combinations will work out better than others, based on the characteristics of the individual numbers. The various combinations are rated here from one star to four stars, with four stars being the easiest relationship and one star requiring the most work.