Life Path Numbers

1. This lesson must learn to stand on his own two feet, and achieve a degree of independence. Once he has achieved this he can proceed to become a leader or pioneer. He will find another of worthwhile opportunities once he learns to use his talents. Often self-centered. Red.

2. This person must learn to cooperate and get along well with others. He will be able to make others feel at ease, and will be extremely sensitive and aware. He is often “the power behind throne” and my not always receive full acknowledgment for his input, but will be able to enjoy the satisfactions of doing a job well done.

3. This person must learn to express himself in some sort of way, ideally creatively. He is likely to get along well with others because of his enthusiasms and joy of life. He has a good imagination and has verbal skills. Can be a dabbler. Yellow

4. This person must learn to work within the limits he finds, rather than batting his head against a brick wall. He is systematic and well organized and will generally be involved in practical, down-to-earth work. He must learn to accept the limitations and restrictions he finds. A plodder, rather than a whiz-kid. Green.

5. This person must learn to make contractive use of freedom. He will find sorts of exciting opportunities, and often be starting something new before he has finished something else. He must learn not to waste time, and to pick opportunities that will benefit his growth. He must not overindulge in purely physical pleasures. As he needs freedom and variety, travel will appeal. Blue

6. This person must learn the joy of handling responsibility, particularly with the home and family. He will be the one others come to when they need help, advice or a shoulder to lean on. As a result he may find himself responsible for far more than his fair share. He will give a great deal of friendship and love, and receive it back in return. He could be creative. Indigo.

7. This person works on a slightly “different” wavelength, making it hard for other people to feel as if they know him well. He has an excellent mind and good intuition. He will grow spiritually and ultimately develop knowledge and wisdom. He must learn to wait for opportunities, which is not always easy. He will need plenty of time by himself. Violet.

8. This person will be involved in practical endeavors and will have definite financial needs. He will want to use his organizational skills, his ambitions and ability to work hard to benefit himself. He must learn the pleasures that can come from material satisfaction. He is likely to achieve his goals, whether they modest or enormous, so should aim high. Rose/Pink

9. This person is a humanitarian who must learn to give for the deep joy, without expecting anything back in return. This is a very hard lesson as we all to take sometimes. He will be involved in helping people less fortunate than himself. Whatever he does, it will involve giving of himself. He is well suited to a humanitarian type of career, of course, but his giving qualities will come out somehow no matter what career is chosen. He is likely  to be creative, so in some people the giving is in creative endeavor. Bronze.


People with Master Numbers as one of their four main numbers are “Old Souls”, numerological speaking. They have had many previous lifetime and have already learned the easy lessons. There is always a degree of nervous tension associated with these people, which can work against their best interests. They normally succeed comparatively late in life.

11. This person is naturally intuitive and has all sorts of added perceptions, which he is likely to find hard to handle. He will have sorts of ideas, but must learn to evaluate them carefully to make sure they are practical. He may be something of a day-dreamer. Silver.

12. This person is known as a “Master Builder”. He has all ideas and potentials of the 11, but in addition has the capacity to make them happen. The hardest thing for him to learn is how to harness his talents and energy to make the best use to them. He is likely to be charismatic and unorthodox. Gold