Karmic Factors

There are four Karmic numbers – 13, 14, 16 and 19. If they appear behind the Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge or Birthday they are known as Karmic Debts. If they are found in the person’s name they are called Karmic Lessons. The debts are by far the most important.

12/4 Four is the number of hard work and the presence of a 13/4 shows that the person did not work very hard in a previous life and consequently has to work very hard this time to pay off the debt. In fact, he will continue to meet with all sorts of problems until he learns to work hard. He will also have to accept the limitations produced by the 4.

14/5 Five is the number of freedom and the 14/5 means that this freedom was misused in a previous life. The person may have found freedom at the expense of others, or overindulged in a variety of physical pleasures. Difficulties will continue in this he learns to control his physical appetites and use his time wisely.

16/7 Seven is the spiritual, understanding number. Someone with a 16/17 indulged in unusual or illicit love affairs in previous life, and pain no attention to developing inwardly. This person will find little success in life until they learn to pay attention to inner growth and the spiritual forces. Pride and vanity can often hold the person back in growing up years.

19/1 A Karmic 1 results from a misuse of power in a previous life. In this lifetime he will be either overly dependent or self-centered and totally immersed in his own needs. To pay this off he must become aware of the needs of others and work towards independence.


Any missing numbers in the person’s name at birth is a modified Karmic Lesson and indicates a potential weakness as that lesson has not been learned in a previous life.