Jupiter is known as the Planet of Benevolence, casting a soft warm glow over our lives. It lends encouragement and friendly assistance. It can also be very lucky.

Jupiter In the First House.
A good period, with enthusiasm high. You will solve many problems that have been troubling you for some time. Nothing will seem difficult. You will be full of magnanimity and generosity, greeting everyone with a happy, smiling face.

Jupiter In the Second House.
Your financial situation should improve at this time, but only if you avoid extravagance. Problems over money should be resolved in this period, too. A good time for improvement in all areas of your life.

Jupiter In the Third House.
You will have a carefree attitude towards most things in this cycle. There is the possibility of short travel in good company. You will experience an unusual amount of good news. People will tend to confide in you at this time.

Jupiter In the Fourth House.
You family and home life will be especially important at this time. This is an excellent time to move house, or to alter the one you are living in now. If renting, there will be the desire to move into something larger. A good time to invest in real estate, but take good advice first.

Jupiter In the Fifth House.
A fortunate time for you. This is the time of year to buy a Lotto ticket or take a little gamble. Luck should be on your side provided you keep the bets well within affordable levels. Cultural activities will also appeal.

Jupiter In the Sixth House.
Your working conditions should improve at this time, and you will get unexpected help from an unusual quarter. Cooperation with others will provide benefits all around. Your organizational talents will be in demand.

Jupiter In the Seventh House.
A good time for single people to meet that special someone. Relationships that start now have a better than average chance of becoming permanent. Partnerships of all kinds are helped in this period. You will be able to influence others with your powers of self expression.

Jupiter In the Eighth House.
All money matters are favored at this time. Problems with insurances or debts will clear up at this time, enabling you to start afresh with fewer worries. This could be the time you receive money long owing to you, perhaps an inheritance.

Jupiter In the Ninth House.
A good time for travel, if possible. Success in study is indicated for students. A good time to become interested in spiritual matters, and an excellent time to make money out of something you have made yourself.

Jupiter In the Tenth House.
You will have a strong sense of knowing where you are going at this important time. Business plans will prosper. A time for self-employed people to move further ahead, and an excellent time for people thinking of self-employment to test the water. Do not let too many opportunities pass you by.

Jupiter In the Eleventh House.
An excellent social period. A wonderful time to make new friends and meet interesting and different people. One in particular could help you with a financial problem. All of these new friends will be people you can trust.

Jupiter In the Twelfth House.
You may feel like keeping part of yourself back at this time. You will be helping others, particularly people who enjoy being secretive. You will feel like time on your own, and may deposit money in a secret place.