Identifying the Colors in Your Aura

The next step is to identify the colors in your own aura. This is not only a good place to start, but is necessary before you can trust your perception of auras in other people.

The simplest, but not necessarily the easiest, way to identify the colors in your aura is to ask your subconscious mind. If you have been successful in convincing your subconscious mind that you are serious about this aura business, it will have already determined what the colors of your aura are.

Asking your subconscious mind to reveal these colors to you is as simple as sitting in meditation and asking, “What is the most important color in my aura?” and waiting quietly for the answer. Your mind will immediately be presented with one color after another as your subconscious mind processes your request. After a while, one color will keep coming up and soon it will be the only color in your mind. This will be what is known as your “ground color.”

Your ground color is the predominant color in your aura, and it represents what is most important to you in life, and what you need to accomplish. The answer may surprise you, but be sure to give it serious consideration. To discount or discard an answer your subconscious mind has presented you will result in your subconscious mind’s reluctance to bring you answers in the future.

Once you have discovered your ground color, it is advisable to end your meditation. You will want to ask what other colors are present in your aura, but it is best to ask for only one color per meditation. Write down what you learned and give some thought to how you can apply the knowledge to your present and future life.