How To Sense Auras

As stated previously, there are two basic approaches to observing an aura -- with the physical senses (primarily sight, although touch is a close second), and with the intuitive senses. Both approaches have their benefits, and are worth exploring for the beginning aura reader. In this book, we will focus on the intuitive sensing of auras. This is because of the two approaches, it is the one that receives far less attention in the standard texts on auras.

Another reason we’ll focus here on the intuitive approach is because that of the two, it is easier. This is because our primary tool in the intuitive approach is our imagination, and just about everyone has an imagination and is able to realize success quicker as a result.

Using your imagination involves nothing more than developing the ability to relax and visualize the aura in your mind’s eye, rather than your physical eye. Research has shown that the great majority of aura readers prefer the intuitive approach, even if they started out by seeing auras with their physical eyes. When correctly interpreted, your intuitive visualizations of auras will be just as accurate as someone else’s physical observations.