How to Make a Pendulum

As mentioned earlier, the pendulum is one of the easiest dowsing tools to make and use - it is basically anything you can suspend from a string or chain. In addition to being easy to make and use, the pendulum is also very portable and can easily fit in a pocket or purse, which means that you can take it with you wherever you may go.

One factor to consider when designing and making your own pendulum is the weight of the materials used. The lighter the materials used, the easier it will be to get the pendulum to respond, however you don’t want to use something too light, because this will make the pendulum extremely sensitive to light breezes and drafts.

One of the simplest pendulums to make is made by tying a short piece of string to a washer. Bear in mind that the longer the string is, the harder it will be to move the pendulum, so initially you may want to keep the length relatively short (6 - 9 inches is usually just about right). 

Another simple pendulum can be made with a paper clip and a length of thread or fishing line. With the application of some creative thinking, you’ll realize that your pendulum options are limited only by your imagination.

One useful addition to the basic pendulum described above is to tie a medium-sized bead to the top of the string or thread your pendulum is suspended from. This gives you something to hold onto, and decreases the chances that the pendulum will slip out of your fingers in the middle of a dowsing session. A little browsing in your local arts and crafts store will give you lots of ideas on materials to use for the construction of pendulums. If you’re especially handy, you can use some relatively basic jewelry-making techniques to craft some very nice pendulums.

After you have made a few home-crafted pendulums and have an idea of what types respond best for you, you might want to look into buying a pendulum from your local or on-line New Age store. Be prepared, however -- the selection can be somewhat overwhelming, and depending on your budget, the prices may surprise you. Nonetheless, if you’re serious about your pendulum work, you may want to invest in a well-crafted quality pendulum, or one that is made of materials that aren’t readily available to you.

Since all you need to start practicing the divination method described in this book is a basic pendulum, there’s really no reason you can’t start your experimentation right away. I would suggest that you start with a simple design, such as the washer and string model, and move up to the more advanced models when you feel like it.