crystal chakras colors 2The Universe is coded in symbols and archetypes, and there are infinite ways of Decoding The All. Since everything is connected, we can recognize commonalities among different practices, intuitive methods, healing modalities and schools of thought. From astrology to numerology to energy work to card divination, to crystal healing–these are all valid tools we can use to bring us forward to ourselves.

Just as crystals work well with particular chakra energy centers, each zodiac sign and house pertains to a particular chakra and crystal as well. The following is a handy reference guide to the Zodiac signs, the Natal Chart Houses, the astrological keywords, the corresponding crystals, and the chakra related to that area of life.

How to use this Guide:

Natal Energy: If you were born under the sign of Gemini, for example, you can use this guide to know which stones can benefit your astrological energy. You can also use it to develop and bring awareness to your Rising and Moon signs, or any other pertinent sign in your zodiac.

Transits: If you are experiencing a certain transit through a certain sign, you can work with the crystals and chakras that correspond. For example, for the Scorpio Full Moon you can focus on the Scorpio keywords, pay attention to how the light and dark sides are playing out in your life, and work with the corresponding crystals and chakras to bring energetic balance to that energy.

Chakra Balancing: If you are feeling like you need to ignite your passion, work on your abundance mentality, and recognize your power and worth, you may need to focus on your Sacral Chakra. The Sacral is the 2nd Chakra and corresponds with Taurus, the 2nd sign of the zodiac. The crystals there can be of assistance.

Associated Crystals, Chakras & Keywords By House & Zodiac

aries chakraAries/1st house – ego, individuality, personality, appearance, childhood

  • Light: hopeful, active, energetic, honest, versatile, brave, adventurous
  • Dark: impulsive, naive, self-willed, belligerent, impatient
  • Crystals:  diamond, ruby, garnet, bloodstone, carnelian, fire agate
  • Chakras: First (Root) and Third (Solar Plexus)

taurus chakraTaurus/2nd house  – values, personal resources, possessions, self-worth

  • Light: romantic, decisive, logical, diligent, patient, persevering, benevolent
  • Dark: prejudiced, dependent, stubborn
  • Crystals: emerald, malachite, jade, amber, peridot, boji stone
  • Chakras: Second (Sacral)

gemini chakraGemini/3rd house – self-expression, education, communication, siblings, short journeys

  • Light: multifaceted, intelligent, cheerful, quick-witted, charming
  • Dark: fickle, gossipy, inconsistent, flaky
  • Crystals: aquamarine, agate, chalcedony, sodalite, tourmaline, apophyllite
  • Chakras: Third (Solar Plexus) and Fifth (Throat)

cancer chakraCancer/4th house – home, parents, inherited patterns, inner environment

  • Light: intuitive, subjective, gentle, swift, imaginative, careful, dedicated, perseverant, kind
  • Dark: needy, codependent, toxic memories, childhood baggage, subconscious wounds
  • Crystals: moonstone, citrine, calcite, amber
  • Chakras: First (Root) and Fourth (Heart)

leo chakraLeo/5th house – creativity, self-expression, children, love affairs 

  • Light: self-confident, flexibility, sexual empowerment, abundant
  • Dark: egocentric, selfish, manipulative, narcissistic
  • Crystals: tiger’s eye, cat’s eye, onyx, zircon, garnet, pyrite
  • Chakras: Sixth (Third Eye)

Virgo chakraVirgo/6th house – health, service, vocation, teamwork

  • Light: grounded, generous, serving, revitalizing, thorough, organized
  • Dark: picky, judgmental, over-analytical, obsessive, perfectionistic
  • Crystals: sardonyx, peridot, carnelian, aventurine, moss agate
  • Chakras: Second (Sacral)

libra chakraLibra/7th house – marriage, relationship, partnership, adulthood

  • Light: balanced, heart-centered, diplomatic, reflection
  • Dark: passive-aggression, martyrdom, betrayal, projection
  • Crystals: peridot, jade, aventurine, tourmaline, sapphire, opal, apophyllite, ametrine
  • Chakras: Second (Sacral) and Fourth (Heart)

scorpio chakraScorpio/8th house – sex, birth-death-rebirth, inherited resources, occult

  • Light: self-empowerment, passion, transformation, manifestation, good money management
  • Dark: secrecy, control, sexual deviance, self-imprisonment, financial misconduct
  • Crystals: malachite, turquoise, aquamarine, rhodochrosite, apache tear, smoky quartz, obsidian
  • Chakras: Second (Sacral) and Sixth (Third Eye)

sagittarius chakraSagittarius/9th house – religion and ethics, higher education, long journeys, philosophy

  • Light: wisdom, bold independence, inspiration, devotion, individual approach to spirituality
  • Dark: overinflated ego, Messianic complex, detachment, depression, cognitive dissonance
  • Crystals: turquoise, amethyst, topaz, citrine, snowflake obsidian
  • Chakras: Seventh (Crown)

capricorn chakraCapricorn/10th house – career, social status, outer environment, old age

  • Light: focus, empowering others, striving for the highest potential, tenacity
  • Dark: workaholic, fear of failure/success, self-sabotage, lack of humility, self-sacrifice
  • Crystals: ruby, hematite, onyx, jet, obsidian, garnet, labradorite
  • Chakras: Fifth (Throat) and Seventh (Crown)

aquarius chakraAquarius/11th house – friendship, society, social awareness, group activities

  • Light: idealism, paradigm influencing, optimism, love in practice, recognizing the ONEness
  • Dark: pessimism, disconnection, naïveté, love in theory, despondency
  • Crystals: garnet, silver, aquamarine, quartz, angelite, moonstone
  • Chakras: Fourth (Heart) and Sixth (Third Eye)

pisces chakraPisces/12th house – mysticism, escapism, secrets, spiritual yearnings

  • Light: grand vision, trusting intuition, seeing synchronicity, completing the circle, higher insight
  • Dark: blinded by subconscious, operating unconsciously, fear of abandonment, repression, addiction
  • Crystals: amethyst, sugelite, bloodstone, fluorite, blue lace agate
  • Chakras: Sixth (Third Eye) and Seventh (Crown)

About Chartreuse Tembo Barriere - Recognizing the ONEness in Everyday Life

Chartreuse Tembo Barriere is the creator of The Age of Eleven, a lifestyle brand dedicated to recognizing the ONEness in everyday life. She is the author of The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: A 28-day Astrological Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey, and she owns The Crystal Pyramid Room in Chicago.

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