energetic cords 1You are a vibrating microcosmic universe of multifaceted energy. You are not just your body; you are a made of many layers, and levels of vibration, intention, and light. Some call this the Aura, the rainbow of light seen around you with spirit eyes. I call this your energetic story!

What Are Energetic Cords?

Woven into the fabric of your personal energy field, or bubble as we so often call it, are many fibers, threads and most importantly cords of energy. Energetic cords are connector lines between you, and another manifestation of energy. We connect ourselves to people, places, objects, even beliefs and ideas.

Energy As Currency

When working with energetic cords we want to identify attachments that deplete our energy. Your energy is your currency with the Universe. You attach to, and invest in anything that you hold a strong emotion for. Not to say that daily, mundane things don’t yield energetic cords, but these things don’t tend to “stick”.

How Do Negative Energy Cords Hurt You

Negative energetic cords are those that essentially drain your energy. When you attach to something, or allow something to attach to you that is not in your best interest it will drain your vitality. Most of the time this is happening unconsciously.

Negative energetic cords drain your energy. When an attachment forms that doesn’t serve your highest good, it drains your vitality. In most cases this happens unconsciously. Though with a little dedication you can begin to perceive these cords.

Please, do not let this make you feel guilty. We are multidimensional beings, and we cannot possibly keep up with every facet of our existence. But we work to be as aware as possible. This is what dictates our energetic story! Your energetic story being your thoughts, ideas and feelings about how you fit into the world, and how the world responds to you.

Signs of Negative Energetic Cords

• Suddenly or chronically feeling tired, drained or fatigued
• Insomnia
• Sudden burst of anger
• Altercations, and conflicts
• Miscommunications
• Physical pain in the body
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Blocks in key areas of your life
• Feeling off kilter

Energetic cords can exist for years, and beyond. Some cords are created, and destroyed moment to moment. Anytime you are making an energetic exchange you are forming an energetic cord. Simply put, this is the mechanics of energy transfer. Energetic cords are pipelines for communicating back and forth. Cords only become negative when they have outlived their purpose.

energetic cords 2How Do Energetic Cords Form

Imagine opening your front door to welcome a guest, and then never securely closing it. After awhile all sorts of thing will begin to wonder in and out. Before you know it you will have a guest who has overstayed their welcome, and tainted your original hospitality.

These types of exchange are happening daily. In most situations, with most people. You are allowing cords to form, and you are forming cords with other people. The action of connecting energetically is neutral, but the intention is what pushes it from negative to positive.

In every moment you want to feel fluid. When you become stuck, rigid and unaware you lose the necessary connection to your energy bodies, and your deeper self. This results in energetic blocks, cords and overall depletion.

Becoming Aware Of Your Energetic Cords

Often you will find a cord is forming when you suddenly feel off. Or a cord is being “fed” when you suddenly feel off, or being thinking about or fixating on something. At this moment you need to become aware of your energy. Become aware of where you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Bringing your awareness to these 3 areas will allow you to take ownership of your energy. Begin, and end each day by scanning your body. Become aware of where you are in yourself. Feel your flow of energy. Ask yourself:

  • Am I feeding my spirit?
  • Am I depleting my spirit?
  • Am I being fluid?
  • Am I in the past, the present or the future?
  • Am I fixated on a person, place, thing, or idea?
  • Am I in pain?
  • Where is my pain located?
  • What does my pain look like, feel like, sound like?

Remember that these energetic cords are ways of communicating and sharing energy with the world around you. This is your energetic investment, and exchange. You are trading your spiritual currency with whatever, or whomever you have chosen to link it to. In doing this you are either empowering yourself, or disempowering yourself.

energetic cords 3Cleaning & Clearing Your Energy

I think it is essential to ground and center daily. I find this especially helpful when I am in high stress situations, or really engrossed in something. Being with people always creates opportunities for energy exchange. When you are in an uninviting place your essence becomes muddled.

So we go back to the inner awareness. We question where we are. Then we take ownership of our energy. Ground yourself in the present moment. Ground yourself into the earth. And center yourself on your present intention.

When you remove an energetic cord, you must remove the source. If you remove the cord, and not the cause, then it will form again. Usually negative cords exist between things that feed our fears and insecurities. Abusive relationships in all their forms are prime contributors to energetic cords. It creates a codependent relationship where both parties are feeding off one another energetically. Parasitic comes to mind.

Removing the source of an energetic cord happens by:

  • Being honest.
  • Pinpointing the source.
  • Naming the emotion/exchange/situation.
  • Releasing the want, need, or allowance for the attachment.
  • Forgiving everyone involved.
  • Seal and protect your energy body.

Releasing and removing energetic cords can take time. It is a process that you should repeat daily. Always check in with yourself. Whenever the dynamic of a relationship changes, check to see what energy is connected with that exchange. Time and distance do not matter with cords. So always reaffirm where you are now.

Tips for releasing energetic cords:

Run your hands through your energy bodies to see what you feel. Scanning your aura through your minds eye is also helpful. I tend to run a selenite wand through my aura as a way of tuning into it’s texture, and consistency.

If you can pinpoint that a cord exist. Visualize what the cord looks like. Try to imagine, or feel the cords location, consistency, and purpose.

  • Is it thick or thin?
  • Is it rigid, elastic, spongy or wiry?
  • Does it appear as a certain color?
  • Where is it located?
  • Does it have an image held in it?
  • Why does it exist?

Energetic cords are pipelines; they hold energies, which hold images and memories. So visualizing the cord, can give you clues as to who or what it is connected to. Sometimes just asking Spirit, “What is the source of the attachment?” will give you answers.

Talk out loud to the person, or thing the cord is connected to. Just say in your own time, and sacred space what you need to say to release this cord. The truth is most cords exist because we have not acknowledged our relationship, or connection to something.

Getting it out in the open is the only sure way to release the attachment. Sometimes writing to the source of your energetic cord can offer a chance to acknowledge, forgive, and unplug. Journal about where you are in your life.

Drawing attention, and creating awareness about the state of your life gives you power. Energetically speaking, you are creating your reality on some level, or at least your relationship to it. You want to consciously manifest the life you live. Mental/emotional work shines light into these areas, and empowers you.

energetic cords 4Empowering & Protecting Yourself

Once you have done the work of releasing unnecessary and negative attachments you should protect yourself. Sealing your aura claims your space, retrieves your power. This ensures that you are fully in charge of what comes and goes in your little universe.

White Light

I do this by simply visualizing white light surrounding me from head to toe. This is the Universal light of Spirit, or whatever you perceive the creative unknown to be. Imagine you are completely incased in this beautiful light. See it as a glowing orb, or egg that is impenetrable to anything that does not serve your highest good.

Call Upon Your Spirit Guides

And don’t forget to call on your Spirit Circle for help! Your spirit guides, angels, and all other celestial helpers are always willing to step in on your behalf. They can give you protection, and offer insight into whatever you are working on.

Do This On The Daily

Create a daily practice of drawing attention and awareness to your energetic state. Using this idea of energetic cords is only one way of claiming your sacred space. See what works for you. Always be patient and gentle with yourself. Self-love heals, and raises our vibration.

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at: ShaheenMiroInsights.com.

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