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Gone are the days of ‘outsourcing’ your health.

No longer can you rely on some single, all-powerful healthcare authority to tell you what to eat, how to exercise, what supplements to take and which medications you need.

Just take a look at all of the conflicting opinions around wellness and you’ll see that these days, one size does definitely not fit all. Whilst some professionals encourage a nutrition-packed wholefoods diet, some advocate intermittent fasting. Some people swear by vaccinations, others praise natural immunity. Some people find great success curing disease through Chinese medicine and acupuncture, whilst others will trust nothing but pharmaceutical drugs …  everyone has a different opinion about what the body needs.

The truth is, there’s a lot we still don’t know about how to maintain the health of our bodies, and crucially how this fits in with our emotional, mental and spiritual health. It’s becoming clearer that our physical wellness IS affected by the state of our inner worlds, the unseen realms that can’t be weighed, measured and examined by doctors in white coats, but to what extent? Who really knows…?


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One thing sparking interest at the moment is the correlation between ancient and more mystical divination systems such as Astrology and Numerology, and health and wellness.

Numerology, Health and Wellbeing? Is that a Thing?

For many, many thousands of years the ancient art of Numerology has been used to decode and describe these inner worlds, forming a personal blueprint of your life and the spiritual forces that motivate you.

Your numerology chart provides SO much insight into the kind of person you are – your gifts and your strengths; your weaknesses and the struggles you come up against time and time again. Study your chart and you’ll find that your core numbers: the Life Path Number, Expression / Destiny, Soul Urge, Birthday and Personality Numbers all combine to describe the essence of ‘you’ that no doctor could diagnose. And it’s from this essence that all potential illness and disease can take root.

In all Numerology, the Life Path Number is perhaps the most revealing when it comes to health and wellness. This is because it is calculated using your birth date – the one thing you cannot change! So it encompasses the ‘you’ that your soul chose, at the moment of your incarnation. It also provides clues around your ancestral heritage: the DNA you have inherited and the DNA you will go on to share. (This isn’t to say that the blueprint it contains can’t be changed – it’s a starting point and reveals inherent blocks and weaknesses that you’ll face on your path through life, asking to be overcome).

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To calculate your Life Path Number, simply add together the digits of your birthday (day + month + year). Then add the digits of the sum together, until you get to just a single digit or one of the Master Numbers. You can read more about the Life Path Number HERE (and get a free reading too!)

Another important number to consider in this realm of Numerology and health is the Destiny or Expression Number which is calculated using your full birth name. Relating to your natural talents, abilities, and potentials in this lifetime, this can also describe where you may struggle or face significant challenges. So when using Numerology to study your personal health, it can be really useful to keep this number in mind, especially when it comes to mental and emotional wellbeing.

To calculate your Destiny Number, simply add together the numerical digits corresponding to the letters which make up your full name, given to you at birth. Use the chart below (here, we use the system devised by Pythagoras). You can read more about the Destiny Number HERE.












Free Numerology Calculator

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Once you’ve calculated your Life Path and Destiny Numbers, look below for a breakdown of the numbers and for readings into what they mean when it comes to your health.

Life Path 1

Body: The number 1 is associated with the heart, arteries and circulatory system. Also with the head, liver, and stomach. This vibration can be particularly vulnerable to high blood pressure, heart attacks and also to some eye and throat issues.

Spirit: If you have the headstrong 1 in your chart, you may suffer from stress and burnout. You are a powerhouse which needs taming! With an inability to switch off, insomnia and also some addictions could also affect you. However, the number 1 is incredibly resilient and some 1s have been known to smoke or drink without much consequence for many years! But when illness finally does hit, it will hit a number 1 quickly – be warned!

Remedies: 1s need a lot of sleep to recharge sufficiently, as well as enough focus on physical activity which includes cardio work. Temperature is important – these people must stay warm. Also learning to slow down and switch off when the day is done using meditation, yoga or qigong will really serve people living within the vibration of the 1.Pin

Life Path 2

Body: The number 2 is associated with the heart and stomach, as well as the joints and throat. This vibration may be particularly susceptible to rheumatism, vertigo, colic, coughs, and colds.

Spirit: If you have the highly caring 2 in your chart, it’s likely you take things to heart. Everything. And because of this, it’s likely that you’ll suffer from hypersensitivity, insecurity, and nervous tension. If this is allowed to go on for too long, you may also have stomach issues which stem from emotional stress. Ruled by the Moon, you should also take care extra of your reproductive organs and breast tissue.

Remedies: Any kinds of group therapies or community healing (where it’s reinforced that you are not alone) will be a great benefit to this Life Path. These people also need to be warm, comfortable and feel their home is a safe haven, to feel psychologically healthy and well (they should avoid dark, cool and dirty places). If female, working to align with the menstrual cycle could be of huge benefit to this vibration.


Life Path 3

Body: The number 3 is associated with the thighs, hips, and joints. This vibration may be susceptible to some joint pain, gastritis, some skin diseases, throat issues, and coughs. It can also be connected to some nervous complaints.

Spirit: The 3 carries a highly intuitive vibration that is truly masterful when it comes to regeneration and healing the self. If it’s in your chart, despite appearing happy-go-lucky most of the time, it’s likely you have strong emotional outbursts which need to be channeled creatively. These may manifest as ear or throat disorders if you’re unable to make yourself hears. Part of your path also likely requires making yourself emotionally vulnerable to others, so you must learn not to take criticism to heart.

Remedies: 3s must find ways to express themselves creatively, to avoid a build-up of stagnant energy. Creating a lifestyle which allows them to take enough time away from other people, in order to recharge is also vital. Working on the hips and joints (especially if this path leads towards dance or performance of any kind) as a strong foundation will also serve these people long term.


Life Path 4

Body: The number 4 is associated with the ankles, as well as with strength overall. This vibration can be susceptible to issues relating to muscular tension such as inflexibility, piles, constipation, and also problems with the lower back, kidneys and urinary tracts. They may also be prone to some addictions and to resulting liver problems as the result of overindulging.

Spirit: Despite its reputation for steadfastness, the 4 does have a tendency to suffer from extreme emotional ups and down (perhaps without letting on to others). They often seem to attract accidents and illnesses but like cats, seem to have 9 lives! Despite getting sick a lot, 4s have an immense amount of stamina, which may add to the Trojan reputation of this Life Path!

Remedies: 4s must ensure they get enough vigorous exercise to keep the metabolism moving and the circulation flowing, though always taking care of the ankles. (These are the symbolic roots of the 4s tower of strength so must be maintained). Prevention is better than cure and with a slow-moving energetic signature, these people need to catch illness and disease in their bodies before it takes root. Avoiding addictive and stimulating food and drink (coffee, alcohol, sugar, etc.) will also serve to improve wellness.

Life Path 5

Body: The number 5 is associated with the hands, wrists, and arms, and also with speech, memory, the nostrils, and the nervous system. Afflictions may include sleeplessness, restlessness, stammering nervousness, stammering, and vertigo.

Spirit: As indicated by a fidgety nature, the 5 needs freedom. So any indication that this is threatened can cause a great deal of emotional unrest. This can manifest as anxiety or addictive behaviors as the 5 holds a wildness that isn’t always easy to contain. But care must be taken that this person doesn’t self-sabotage, by promoting a lifestyle which allows enough breaks from routine, and offers the facility to experience new things daily.

Remedies: To stay well, 5s need enough variety. Travel, exercise and fresh air are vital. Those on this Life Path also needs a great deal of time to themselves, timely meals (especially if under or overeating manifests as a weakness); sleep and plenty of rest.


Life Path 6

Body: The number 6 is associated with the throat, lungs and heart, the lower back and reproductive organs. This vibration may be vulnerable to diseases of the reproduction and urinary system, suffer from exhaustion and nervous tension and sore throats.

Spirit: Most often taking the role of the nurturer within the Numerology family, 6s can have a tendency to “over-give”, depleting themselves of their own energetic resources. They may stifle their own self-expression for the benefit of others, leading to traits of resentment, martyrdom, and self-sacrifice. Therefore, personal boundaries and self-care are an absolute must for those who carry this vibration.

Remedies: Resting enough and taking the time to learn which activities truly nurture them will greatly help 6s to stay well. Finding a creative outlet and also releasing perfectionism (and high expectation of others) will help divert a build-up of nervous tension in the body. Potentially prone to eating a little too much junk food, learning to reign in temptations and developing the discipline to eat well can also benefit 6s.

Life Path 7

Body: The number 7 is associated with the feet, as well as the nervous system and organs of elimination. It is also a highly psychic and often nervous vibration, that can be made physically ill by the environment, food, ordinary household products that others are hardly affected by, and even by people. This Numerology path can be prone to many ailments including bronchitis, colds, nasal congestion, bad eyesight, tonsillitis, lung problems, and skin afflictions.

Spirit: Because the 7 has such a cerebral focus, people on this Life Path can suffer from a lot of mental and psychological tension. Their analytic nature means they can also become their own worst critic if they don’t learn to relax a little, and give themselves a break! Their need for solitude can lead to isolation, so these people must take care not to become too reclusive.

Remedies: 7s need to live somewhere very clean. They should avoid intoxicants, fumes from cleaners and heavily processed foods. Enough socializing (but not too much) will also keep this Life Path interesting, but not too overwhelming. Sleep, fresh air and time in nature are also a must.


Life Path 8

Body: The number 8 is associated with the legs and musculature, so these people can be prone to issues in these areas (though they can also be their greatest strength!) Afflictions may include glandular swelling, joint pains, constipation, and anemia; but generally, 8s do not sicken easily. When those on this Life Path do get sick they tend to develop chronic toothaches or backaches.

Spirit: Carrying a very self-assured and affirming vibration, the 8 is also very solid health-wise. But like 1s, this path can find it hard to relax and switch off from work. Always striving for self-advancement, they may suffer from FOMO and from feeling that they never have enough. Literally putting their feet up is probably something these people would never consider, but having a break from climbing the ladder once in a while will ultimately make them more efficient

Remedies: 8s should avoid any kind of intoxicant or cigarette smoke to stay well. Early rising, exercises and breathing fresh air are essential for them to maintain their overall health. Also like 1s, learning to slow down and switch off when the day is done using meditation, yoga or qigong will really serve people living within this vibration.

Life Path 9

Body: The number 9 is associated with the shoulders, head, and face, as well as with the heart and circulation. Afflictions can include inflammatory conditions, fevers, and headaches. STDs and high blood pressure are also a risk for those on this Life Path.

Spirit: With such a wise and humanitarian-focused vibration, 9s are known to bear the heavy weight of self-imposed responsibilities. Over time, underlying stress can take root in the body which leads to inflammation, so this is something 9s must take care to avoid. Because this Life Path can be so idealistic, it can feel to these people as though their work is never done (and others can’t ever live up to their high expectations). These feelings can cause sadness and at worst, hopelessness and despair. As an impulsive vibration that can be anxious and prone to accidents, many of the 9s health scares are actually the results of self-injury or accidents.

Remedies: Those on this path need to slow down. Taking time to center within the body, gain a sense of perspective and then take realistic steps will greatly improve the 9s overall wellbeing. Regular massages to release tension carried in the neck and shoulders is also a must.


Life Path 11

For this Master Number, be sure to read both the sections on Life Path 1 and Life Path 2.

Life Path 22

For this Master Number, be sure to read both the sections on Life Path 2 and Life Path 4.


Now it’s your turn!

What’s your Life Path, or Destiny Number, and how do these readings apply to your health and wellbeing? Share with us below (and let us in on any tips, tricks or remedies you use to stay on top form!

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