It’s time to get honest with yourself about how you’re living your life. Sometimes we just gotta do some RE-DEFINING. What we do matters. What we eat. What we say. How we live our life, everyday, matters. Everything effects our life, present and future.

It’s time to eradicate old habits that no longer serve you. Let go of people, places, food, and things that aren’t in align with your truth. When you’re in align, not only do you feel amazing about yourself, in return you are doing a world of good. The only way to really truly be happy is to do what makes YOU happy! Each choice you’ve made is exactly what you wanted at that time. So no sense dwelling on the past. These, of course, are lessons and experiences. And on the bright side of our lessons, it’s an opportunity to grow.

Our habits affect our whole life. And we all have accumulated some habits over the years that don’t necessary bring out the best in ourselves. At any given time you have an amazing opportunity to change. This is a chance to get REAL with yourself. Truth is, it won’t be easy, however, what worth it, is? Life actually does not get easier, we just get better and stronger.

Don’t let yourself down anymore, lift yourself up and do the work necessary. The more you practice the art of letting go and reclaiming your truth, the better you’ll feel and can be of service to the world! Read this great article from Mind Body Green and stop those habits in their tracks. It’s never too late to do a little realignment and re-adjustment.

Do tell us below what you are doing to redefine your life!  Or of a time that you successfully rehabilitated your life. We would love to know!

Much love,

The Numerologist Team